What Is A Manifesto If It Does Not Reflect The Views, Wishes And Aspirations Of The People

The struggle for independence begun before Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was invited to join, when he came and realized that the leadership of the United Gold Coast Convention, (UGCC), have sidelined the ordinary Ghanaian, and the party looked more like an elite group, he broke away to form the Convention Peoples Party (CPP).

Dr. Nkrumah, decided that for Ghana to attain independence the ordinary Ghanaian, must not only have a say, but must be actively involved.

The 2020 manifesto Committee of the National Democratic Congress in its bid to develop a ‘Peoples Manifesto’ that speaks to the direct needs and concerns of the people, has invited the general public to make an input in the drafting of the manifesto.

The public invitation by the party is the best innovation so far in the fourth republic. Unfortunately for self centred and arrogant members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who find it difficult to shed their old self, the ordinary Ghanaian knows nothing, so cannot suggest what he or she needs in their communities.

Manifesto is nothing but a document, which seeks to address issues affecting the people. Countries all over the world are now adopting home grown solutions to solving many of their problems. Ghanaians from all walk of life, regardless of class, creed, educational background, etc, have a say in the direction the country should move.

The reason why many policies have failed in the country is because those to whom the policies are being formulated, have not be given the opportunity to contribute to its formulation.

They will own it, for as long as they know, that it was crafted with their contribution.

A few people cannot be allowed to determine the destiny of over 25 million Ghanaians. Politics, as they say is local, so is development. You cannot sit in Accra and determine the needs of people in a village in another region.

This newspaper is of the considered opinion that, the NDC, should ignore the ignorant rant of members of the NPP, who think they are the repository of knowledge.

You cannot go to the people for their votes, yet you do not have faith in their ability and capacity to contribute to the development and growth of the country.

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