What Happened To The National Fumigation Exercise?

By now, everyone in Ghana, especially those in living Accra, must have experienced the avalanche of mosquitoes in the capital.

The situation is as though, someone, intentionally imported the insect into the country.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, through the 216 Municipal and Metropolitan District Assemblies (MMDAs) signed a contract with Zoomlion Ghana Limited to undertake a national fumigation exercise.

The purpose of the exercise, among other things is to rid the country of insects and reptiles, which are known to be carriers of parasites and deadly poisonous venom.

Since the coming into office of this administration, the exercise has been halted. The decision could largely be attributed to an investigative piece done by Manasseh Azure Awuni, who toured 53 assemblies.

The leading questions that characterized the whole investigation, was only aimed at pronouncing Zoomlion guilty, as charged by the reporter.

The investigation, which sought to expose rot at our assemblies, should not be the bases for stopping a useful exercise that is aimed at protecting the welfare and well being of the citizenry.

We stand the risk of spending so much to treat malaria and other sickness or diseases, arising out of snake bite, as well as bites from other insects and reptiles.

It was to be expected that someone should have had the presence of mind to think proactively and anticipate the problem that, we are currently facing about the invasion of mosquitoes.

We do not intend to revisit the argument about how much money might have ended in private pockets, through dubious contracts, as that is an over-flogged matter, but which has become part of our problem as millions of Ghana Cedis, had gone down the drain in the pursuit spreading the country.

We are, however, persuaded to restate that, despite the problems, the national fumigation exercise needs urgent reassessment to make it work efficiently.

In doing that, we urge the Local Government Ministry, to collaborate with the various Assemblies to reintroduce the exercise, as it is a laudable idea and must be encouraged.




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