What Does the UK Stand To Gain Should Ghana Legalize Homosexuality?

We are befuddled by the persistent calls from our so-called bi-lateral partners, asking us to legalise homosexuality.

Every nation, has its culture, which is shaped by its character. As part of the things we abhor as Africans is for a man to sleep with a man, and a woman to sleep with a woman.

It is not only an abomination in the sight of God; it is also reprehensible and is against everything we stand for as Africans.

Some countries in Europe and States in the USA have legalise the practice, that is a choice for them, but what we will not entertain, is for them to force it down on us, because of the handouts.

Africa, has become the breeding ground for the introduction of every absurdity, it is possible because our leaders, have failed us.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, while addressing the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in London on Tuesday said she “deeply regrets” the UK’s role in introducing the anti-gay laws.

They spew these gibberish anytime African leaders meet them; we are yet to hear any Western leader, hiding behind democracy and human rights, tell any of the leaders from countries, such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia to legalise homosexuality.

Strangely, this issue comes up anytime our president visits the United Kingdom (UK).  We are of the opinion that, the president has to come clear on where Ghana stands on the issue.

He was quick to address the nation, questioning the nationalism of those who were opposed to the Ghana-US Military deal and yet he can’t do the same to the issue of gay marriage that has been hanging since November 2017, when he appeared on Aljazeera.

President AkufoAddo, should be bold and tell Theresa May that, we don’t their help to leaglise homosexuality in our country, if they want to receive refugees from Ghana, then such an attempt should be made.

We have issues with our health, education, agriculture, unemployment, road infrastructure etc, these are our priorities as Ghanaians, not legalisng homosexuality, it is not happening today, and it is never bound to happen.


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