What Are The Chiefs Of Cape Coast Doing About Open Defecation At The Cape Coast Castle Beach

The state of our beaches testifies to a national decadence that has spared nothing in our society.

It is common place to see people of all ages, squat at our beaches to ease themselves. The explanation given for that behavior is as backward as the people engaged in the act.

A foreigner who arrives from the West or even some Middle East countries where tourism and the need to preserve nature mean so much to them, will wonder, what is wrong with us

We have passed many laws to regulate our national and local behavior and yet enforcement, has become a major problem, because no one has the political will to do it.

We are all pushing for the election of Municipal, Metropolitan and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), if those appointed do not have the courage to do the needful, we wonder, what the elected ones, will do.

As much painful is that the chiefs and elders, who also have a voice and could help in the process of keeping the beaches clean, feel little or no scruples about the embarrassment.

This newspaper is at a loss as to why we have all lost the sense of responsibility. Despite the media reports and years of awareness creation, this backward practice is going on without shame.

Tourism is fetching some countries a lot of money. Our beaches have the potential to bring us more money than gold and cocoa could ever have, if only we can begin to work towards that.

The local people, who have become recalcitrant and fail to see reason, complain about unemployment, yet they keep desecrating the only gold mine they have.

There is no point reasserting the damage open defecation is causing to our economy. This should not be one of the problems, we should be discussing in 2018.






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