We’ve Won 2016 Elections Already But…- Portuphy


The National Chairman of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Portuphy, is convinced the incumbent has won the elections already, but says members of the party would have to avoid complacency, and work hard to seal the victory.

He also stated that there was the need for all members of the NDC to turn up in their numbers and vote massively to keep the party in power for another four years.

“It is important for us that, now that we have the message very clear, on voting day, let us be courageous enough to come out in our numbers and vote. Nobody should think that we have won the elections. Yes; we have won the election already, but all of us need to come out and vote on election day.”

Speaking at the launch of the party’s manifesto, Mr. Portuphy also emphasized the need for the party to “help the sick, weak and needy” to vote on election day to increase the party’s chances of winning the election.

“Let us help the sick people, let us help the weak people, let us help the needy people. Let us volunteer on voting day, we are bringing everybody out to vote. If we don’t bring them, we may not get all the votes so let us maintain the discipline,“he emphasized.

Mr. Portuphy also extended his gratitude to all party members who had contributed to promoting discipline and unity in the party.

“Put a value on the support you have given me as your National Chairman, National Executives and the President. It is outstanding. Let us keep the unity going and volunteer more of our time to ensure that we win this victory one touch.”

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