We’ve not been given money to run libraries for 2 years – Regional Librarian

Ashanti Regional Librarian has said for the past two years that she has been in charge of the facility, they have not been given any money to run the libraries in the Ashanti region.

Elizabeth Arthur said lack of power is the regional libraries major setback and called on government to sorted it out.

The issue came to the fore when journalists visited with the executives of the Asante Professional Club to inspect renovation works carried out at the facility by the Club.

The Club – a network of Asante professionals, focuses on helping to improve the lives of the youth through education.

Their support to the library involved re-roofing of the structure, giving it a new coat of paint and replacement of some of the bookshelves.

The refurbishment of the library ties in with its goal of providing the right environment for learning.

Patrons of the Ashanti Library have complained of enduring intense heat since the beginning of the year as Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) cut power supply to the facility.

The library does not have enough tables and chairs, the computers are dysfunctional and most of the books are outdated, Mrs. Arthur revealed.

Pupils to the library struggle to read as there is low visibility to read or access the library which owes over GH24,000

Authorities say the over 500 patrons who visit the library daily have been enduring the situation since the beginning of the year.

The Ashanti Library established in 1950 which is the oldest and biggest of the four public libraries in Kumasi has a wide patronage.

Luv News’ Asenso Mensah reports that on his recent visit to the facility some students were seen fanning themselves due to excessive heat.

“Learning here is very difficult as the fans are not working,” one student said.

A student who has been a regular at the library said students and other patrons who come over to the facility leave because they do not feel comfortable sitting in the unbearable heat.

“Last week when we came here to study, some of us had to go sit outside under the trees which are more airier, with our books.

Sadly we use some of the books to fan ourselves which ends up weakening the cover of the book,” the student said.

However, management of the facility says government subvention has not been forthcoming which is negatively affecting their operations.


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