Well Done NDC Delegates


After all the back and forth of a party trying to rediscover itself, and elect officers to man its activities, from the Constituency, Regional and National levels, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), over the weekend in the Ashanti Regional Capital, Kumasi, elected its national executives, in what could be described as a free and fair polls.

Losing in any election, is not a palatable experience for anybody, it is one of the most difficult moments in the life a fighter, but a true democrat, believes in the maxim that, he who fight and runs away, lives to fight another day.

We cannot but admire the peaceful atmosphere that characterized the whole exercise; a family is one, which despite the differences of the individual members remains united to ward off the opponent.

The difficult task for the party is not the election of its officers, but the party’s readiness to marshal all the resources available to ensure that the 2016 election will be an easy one for President John Dramani Mahama.

Beyond the messages of acceptance and the pledges to unite, we want to see that manifested not only in words, but in deeds and actions.

Losers must be humble enough to accept defeat and winners must be magnanimous in their victory and remember that, they cannot do it alone.

Even if somebody gets one vote, it means there is one person in the party, who believes in the vision of that person.

The party has suffered a lot to reach here, there were so many court cases that nearly stalled the process, and the party cannot afford to
spend time trying to build bridges, when the opponents are busy campaigning to win the minds and hearts of Ghanaians.

We appeal to the losers not to try dragging the party to court, elections are over, campaigning starts in earnest and all hands must be on deck.

Congratulations to both the losers and winners and a special one to the party.

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