Well Done Ghana Police But……


The unprofessional and unfortunate conduct of Police service is increasingly becoming a nightmare.

These senseless and often unwarranted shooting of innocent and unarmed people of this country is becoming one too many.

The situation got out of hand to the extent that about a month ago in the Central Region, they mistook some of their colleagues to be armed robbers and shot them dead.

The recent Odumase killing is a classic case in point. How a suspected mechanic could be shot like a criminal is something that needs serious interrogation.

We are not suggesting that the Police should not do their work of maintaining law and order, but that should be done must be done with some level of professionalism. Your duty is to protect people not to kill them.

It calls to question the type of training given to our police officers. Using the gun is the last resort in their line of duties, because no armed robber can shoot better than them. They are trained to know when it is appropriate and convenient to use the gun, not at the least provocation.

These colonial days of policing where they were thought to shoot at the least provocation must stop.
We have to be careful as a country not to put guns in the hands of trigger happy individuals, who do not know the danger that the gun posse to other law-abiding citizens.

The public are losing confidence in the ability and capacity of the police to protect them. If they are competing with armed robbers for the killing of innocent citizens, then we are doomed as a country.

The police must stepped up their game, their presence are felt everywhere and so has seen a reduction of the incidence of armed robbery, we don’t think their new found way of letting us know they are around is by shooting innocent people.

The most senseless and logical thing to do as a country, in this instance is not to allow the Service to conduct its investigation into excesses of police personnel.

We need a body independent of police machinery to look into the infractions of police men and anybody found culpable should be brought to book.

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