Welcome Martin Amidu; Bost Should be Your First Test Case

Hate him or love, despise him or welcome his annoying epistles that he occasionally releases on matters of national significance, Mr Martin Alamisi Hamidu, has proven himself more of a citizen than a spectator.

A lot of Ghanaians, have hailed his appointment as the first Special Prosecutor, his announcement was received with mixed feelings and myriad of reactions, but above all, no one has questioned his capacity to deliver.

His success or otherwise, will depend largely on the scope of work and the caliber of people, he will present before the courts for adjudication.

We at this paper, have one request to make, the sale of the contaminated fuel at the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST), deserve your attention and action.

Before you begin to go after crimes that, were committed by past government appointees, kindly take a look at the BOST fuel contaminated saga that is still fresh in the minds of Ghanaians, and which documents, testimonies etc, can easily be ascertained.

If your appointment as the SP, is not to witch-hunt your past colleagues, then there is no better case to prove that, than the rot that happened at BOST, supervised by Alfred Obeng, who is still at post.

Ghanaians are not only watching, but are expectant of you, the same way they hailed your appointment, will be the same way they will shame you, when you fail to live up to expectation.

The BOST contaminated fuel saga, has dragged on for too long, with an initial cooked report allegedly prepared by the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), clearing them of any wrong doing, a committee was subsequently set up by the Minister of Energy to go into the issues again.

The committee should have by now finish its work and presented the report to the minister, but from indication, it seems the committee, has not even met since it was constituted, almost four months now.

Posterity, will never forgive you, if the BOST contaminated fuel saga is not pursued to its logical conclusion and the perpetrators made to answer for their crimes against Ghanaians.

It is our hope and expectation that, the days of nolle prosequi are over,

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