Welcome George Mensah Okley, But…….

A fortnight ago, president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, took what many termed a commendable step to right the wrongs that has plagued his administration since he was sworn into office.

The president made some changes to some institutional heads. That change affected the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport (BOST).

The Managing Director of BOST, Alfred Obeng Boateng, who was the first to fail the credibility test as far as this administration is concern, was shown the exit. His place was taken over by one George Mensah Okley.

We are compelled as a matter of duty to remind the new MD of what is expected of him. Often times, when they take up such post, they lord it over the employees, who have toiled to keep the organization running.

The sacking of Alfred Obeng and his appointment, speaks volume about the integrity of his predecessor.

As a member of the fourth estate of the realm, we are duty bound to help protect the public purse.

We are reliably informed that, when George Mensah Okley, met the staff at his first durbar, he admonished them not to leak information to the press.

We think that instead of warning the staff, about leaking information, he should remember that, it is part of his patriotic duty to ensure BOST is run above board.

The memory of the dead, our elders say, is a lesson to the living. The fact that, someone was there before you, means, if you do not conduct yourself well, very soon, you will also be shown the exit and as a newspaper, we will not rest, until that happens.

You should strive to restore transparency and accountability and return BOST to it pristine glory.

BOST in our opinion needs it credibility back. The institution has made the headlines in the last one year for all the wrong reasons.

As a self-imposed watchdog of BOST, we are going to keep our ears on the ground and eyes open, to ensure that, the past mistakes are not repeated.

Whiles, we congratulate George Mensah Okley, we wish to remind him that, he has a duty to ensure that, he brings his wealth of experience to impact positively on the operations of BOST.





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