Weeds Taking Over Office of The President Annex

By Patrick Biddah

The list of shameful and embarrassing happenings under this government, continues unabated.

The latest is the unbelievable spectacle of weeds growing in the compound at the Office of the President Annex at Ridge, making the seat of Government Annex looking unkempt.

It appears from the growing weeds that, no person in government is supervising the day to day running of the Office of the Annex.

In view of the neglects, these weeds are competing with flowers and trees that have been planted to beautify the premises of the Office of the President Annex, as well as the purposes of giving the office a befitting look.

The Herald,  has been observing for the past three weeks and can safely come to the conclusion that, whoever was put in charge to ensure the cleanliness and the environment hygiene of no less an institution such as the office of the President, is probably ‘asleep’.

The general concern also is the dangers this negligence poses as harmful animals are likely to hide in these growing weeds.

This is not the first time, the environmental cleanliness of the Office Of The President, has come up for question.

The other time, it was heap of rubbish that had gathered at the frontage of the Jubilee House. It had to take a newspaper publication  to get those in charge to clear the garbage.

Interestingly, the Office of the President Annex, houses the Office of the Senior Minister, Yaw Osafo Marfo ,the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, the Ministry Incharge Of Procurement among others.

What makes the situation quite unbelievable,  is the fact that the Office of the administrator of Common Funds, shares boundary with the Office of the President Annex .

What this suggests is that , as many Members of Parliament (MP) particularly those from the governing party, who follow up on their share of the Common fund, should have seen this by now and raised the concern to those who matter.

The same can be said about the many Metropolitan, Municipal  And District Chief Executives (MMDCEs), who equally would have used the pass way to the administrator of common funds in pursuit of their Common Funds  .

Aside the weeds that is growing and competing with flowers, is the security roadblock mounted on the road leading to the Office of The President Annex.

There are often no security men stationed at the entrance of the gate leading to the compound of the Office of the President Annex.

Weeds, have also taken over the shoulders of the road leading to the Office of the President Annex.

As of the time of going to press last night, the weeds were still growing without any signs of cutting them.


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