We Wish All Nigerians The Best Of Luck


Come Saturday, March 28, the people of Nigeria will go to the polls to elect a new leader. The race so far, is a clear two horse race between the incumbent President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and his main rival, General Muhammed Buhari of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Characteristic of every election, there have been accusations and counter accusations, which tend to raise political tensions and does not speak to the issues affecting the ordinary people, but at the end of it all Nigeria must remain supreme.

Ghana and Nigeria has so much in common, in fact Nigeria is the only place in Africa close to home, we are interconnected in so many ways, these days, it is not strange to hear a Ghanaian marrying a Nigerian and vice-versa, it is for this reason and many more that what happens after Saturday is of great concern to us.

We employ the politicians to be circumspect in their utterances as they wind down their campaigns. There will always be losers and winners in every contest, it is for the winners to be magnanimous in victory and pull the losers to the side for the greater good of the people they seek to lead.

We read with trepidation in some newspapers in Ghana, who will want the election to go to a particular candidate, a situation that will play up when Ghana prepares for elections next year. What they forget is that the circumstances and dynamics in every election anywhere is different, it is not a situation of one foot fits all.

We at The Herald, wishes to caution those newspapers to tread with caution, and always allow professionalism to inform their reportage.

You can’t sit in Ghana and take sides in an election, in which you are only an interested observer, but not a participant.

The election could go either way, what we should avoid is antagonizing one candidate, the consequence of such an action could have an adverse effect on all of us.

Whether President Goodluck Jonathan emerges as the winner or General Muhammed Buhari, the relationship that has bond the two countries together, all these years must remain sacrosanct.

We wish both candidates and the Nigerian people the best of luck.

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