We Prefer Progressive Mahama To Divisive Nana Addo


Today, December 7, at exactly 7am the Electoral Commission (EC), will open the polls in the over 27,000, polling stations across the country for eligible Ghanaians to cast their ballot, to elect a new president for the next four years.

It is a two horse race between, John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

This is the second time, the two are locking horns in a race that, is seen as a race of their lifetime.
The President, John Dramani Mahama, must not go down as the first president in the fourth republican dispensation to be denied a second term bid,
whiles, Nana Addo, is hoping to be third time lucky, as this is his last attempt at fulfilling a childhood unbridled dream.

We have taken side on this historic race. For us at The Herald, we endorse the candidature of John Dramani Mahama of the NDC and the sitting President.

We have had time to reflect, over the almost four years of President Mahama, and we can safely conclude that, he and Vice-president, Amissah Arthur, are the safe pair of hands the country needs.

You can spot the difference between the two leading candidates;

President Mahama embodies Unity, whiles Nana Addo represents disunity.

Mahama, personifies Humility, whiles Nana Addo represents arrogance.

Mahama exudes love, while Nana Addo is an embodiment of hatred.
Mahama is calm, while Nana Addo has a tensed atmosphere around him and very impulsive.
Mahama sees the presidency as a place, where he could leave a lasting legacy for generations after him, while Nana Addo, sees the presidency as the crowning moment of his political career; a retirement benefit for being active in Ghana’s political landscape for a couple of decades.

President Mahama, represents, Accountability, whiles Nana Addo, represents, Unaccountability. Indeed, he defines the law according to his own appreciation and acts on it, however, unpopular his decision. The unfortunate situation of the NPP, attest to this.

The thugery, the murders and the dissipation of party funds by family and friends of Nana Akufo-Addo, give a reason to question, whether an Akufo-Addo government, will keep Ghanaians safe.

President Mahama, represents the future and continuity, whiles Nana Addo, represents, Change and Stagnation.
Nana Addo, did not only supervised the sacking of party executives, but his reign as NPP flagbearer, has brought terror to members of his party,
leading to the unfortunate death of Adams Mahama, the party’s Upper East regional Chairman, as well as the maiming of party supporters, including
Siddiq of Asawase.

President Mahama is on the cusp of history and has made history already, as the first president to be born post-Independent.
For the major part of Nana Addo’s campaign this year, tribalism and divisiveness were the major thrusts of his utterances and actions, which has led to the sacking of three elected National Executives of his party, namely; Paul Afoko, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong and Sammy Crabbe.

We think he is a time bomb and too retrogressive for our 21st century world. It is equally troubling how, despite these gaffes, Nana Addo, has sustained popularity among his supporters, since the beginning of the electioneering campaign.

If Ghanaians, make the mistake of voting for this fantastically mindless ‘actor’ into the Flagstaff House, Ghana, can as well kiss bye-bye to its role as the beacon of hope for Africa.

Nana Addo, would be the most reckless president in Ghanaian history, which is why, we at The Herald, have endorsed the candidature of John Dramani
Mahama and are urging Ghanaians to give him an overwhelming one touch victory today.

We align ourselves with President Mahama; great, brilliant, bold, courageous, talented, awesome, gifted, powerful and capable.

A man, who waved the limitations of the environment, stereotypes, to come this far, is worthy of our endorsement.

We have scrutinized John Dramani Mahama. His age, voice, tone, even his dressing, qualifies him better to continue his transformation agenda.

We vote for John Dramani Mahama.

Mahama it is! he is our man. We enjoin all progressive-minded Ghanaians, to make his second term bid a reality.
We say NO to Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party.

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