We Need To Transmit Power By Burying Electric Cables


Anytime it rains or the wind blows, or the clouds gather, once the atmosphere goes dark, the Electricity Company of Ghana, will put out the lights.

This is a phenomenon that has been with us, since Akosombo Dam, was built and power extended to many cities, towns and communities across the length and breadth of this country.

We have also had the virus called dumsor now, which like a thief these days comes unannounced and so consumers are always caught off guard.

The emphasis of our editorial today is, how we could as a country, eliminate the incidence of having to put out power, when it rains or when the clouds gather.

The essence of putting out the light was to avoid fallen conductors, and electrical wires, electrocuting and in the process killing people.

The Electricity Company of Ghana every year, during the raining season will put out notices warning people not to touch, step on or cross loose or fallen electrical conductors or wires, since they could be live.

All this is happening in the 21st century, when it could be avoided.

In the 90’s, the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), in order to augment government’s effort at providing affordable housing, decided to go into the housing industry.

That initiative was what gave birth to the Sakumono estate in Tema, everything thing in that estate is buried in the ground, from electric wires to telephone wires; you do not see open drains, as pertains to other estates.

The experiment seemed to have worked to perfection and we would have thought that, going forward ECG, will demand from estate developers, the need to bury all cables, including and most especially the electric cables.

Many estates, have been built after that, but unfortunately the status quo, has been maintained, where we erect electric poles to transmit power to our homes.

We love tragedy, we revel in it, if not why must we keep repeating avoidable mistakes?

The world is so generous that nobody is asking us to reinvent the wheel. We know what is working and where it is working. Our only responsibility now, is to borrow it and adjust it to fit into our environment

The poles, which are derived from trees, could be used for something else. We cannot keep doing the same things over and expect different results.

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