We Need To Study Time Management In The Country


The only time Ghanaians never make late to an appointment or programme is, when they are going for a job interview.

The moment we get the job, we start giving excuses about why we are always late for work or why we couldn’t turn up.

Whereas the whole world runs on one time, we have what we call Ghana Man Time. Organizers of programmes are forced to give time two or three hours before the start of a programme, because if you don’t take into consideration our attitude towards time, you will be stood up.

We have introduced courses and subjects at our basic, junior, secondary and tertiary levels of education over the years, but we have not taking into consideration one single factor that is militating against our development.

Time lost can never be recovered and it is the same 24 hours that is available to all of us wherever one finds him or herself.

We can teach the best subjects, we can teach ourselves all the values needed to succeed in life, once we get the time factor wrong, nothing will work for us.

The worst culprits these days are the journalists, public officials by the kind of society we have feel they have the right to be late for functions they are addressing or chairing and so everyone must be seated and wait for hours before they show up, but journalists are beating them to their own game.

Some television stations, especially want to show up in the middle of a programme disrupting everybody in the process of setting up their equipment.
Time we are told is money, but we only read and say this for fun.

The itinerary of the President, will be released detailing what time he is addressing a particular function, but dignitaries will wait unend, because he is held up somewhere, against his will.

Should he leave early, because he is expected somewhere, we will make an issue out of it.

Ghana Education Service (GES), should as a matter of urgency introduce the study of time management in the curriculum of schools.

We can start by inculcating the idea and culture of respecting time in the young ones, before they also grow with the notion of Ghana Man Time.

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