We Need To Purge The Church Of Politicians In Cassock


The church is the last hope for mankind, when all else fails, especially politicians. Increasingly, the church is losing its relevance, because men of God, who are ordained to lead the lost flock, are themselves lost.

You do not throw stones, when you live in a glass house is a maxim that we all quote, when it suits us. Some men of God in this country are making a mockery of God and are doing things that are at variance with the teachings of the holy book.

We are yet to hear, any man of God, condemn despicable and unacceptable behaviors, some of their members display.

They live a life of opulence, while members of the congregation, live in squalor, they drive the best of cars, while their members struggle for commercial transport, live in expensive mansions in plush areas, while their congregants struggle to pay rent, the question is, are they also not accountable?

Politicians have become the easy and soft target for everyone to attack. The reason is simple; politicians collect our taxes and so must be held accountable.

Pastors on the other hand, who think they are not accountable to anyone, but God, also collect tithe and collection from members of the congregation.

So they must also be measured by the same yardstick that politicians are measured. We can see and measure, how our taxes are dispensed for development or otherwise, but the men of God, we cannot.

Have the audited account of any church been made public to the members or Ghanaians, as is done with state agencies?

Our pastors, in seeking equity must come with clean hands; they must first remove the log in their eyes, before they seek to do to other members of the society.

Ironically, most of the ills of the society are perpetuated by the men in cassock. The politicians are not superhuman beings, they were members of the society first and attend one church or another, before being elevated to govern the affairs of state.

If our men of God, who are shouting hoarse, have done their work well, they will have nothing to worry about, because corruption will not thrive.

They have failed in impacting the word of God in us.

They need to do self introspection; they must begin to purge themselves first, before they can extend it to the rest of us. We look up to them to set us on the right path, but it appears they have failed in their duties.

The house cleaning and conscience cleansing begin with them, not us the people.

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