We Need To Construct Roads With The Way Of Life Of The Ghanaian In Mind

Ghana is the only country, where in drafting public policy, as well as making laws, we do not take into consideration, the way of life of the people.

We are always reminded of being the country with one of the finest laws, covering every aspect of life.

We did not stop there; we took our nonchalance into how projects are constructed without regard to the behavior of the Ghanaian.

We live in a country, where do not dump refuse here sign is displayed and yet that is where people will dump their refuse.

We build a urinal and yet people will go behind it to urinate. We put do not park sign, but that is where drivers, will want to park, we are a people that like doing the opposite of what we are told.

In Ghana, we can at best be described as animals. No one obeys traffic rules, unless a police officer is positioned at the traffic light. Most of the traffic in Accra could be minimized, if only our engineers would begin to take into consideration the behavior of motorists on our roads.

Most bus stops are constructed right after traffic lights. There must be a genuine reason for it, but it is about time, our engineers and contractors, take a second look at that practice. Commercial drivers, do not recognize other road users, they prefer to park in the middle of the road, instead of the designated car park, because of competition for passengers.

A careful look at traffic in Accra, especially in the morning and evening, will reveal that, the hold ups we experience, are as a result of the lawlessness of commercial (trotro) drivers, who prefer to park in the middle of the road, blocking other motorists from using the road.

Traffic in Accra, could be traced to a lorry park, especially the ones designated after traffic lights, double or three lanes, will be reduced to a single lane.

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