We Must Rise In Defense Of Our Colleagues


Just when we were coming to terms with the loss of our colleague, brother, friend and circulation manager, Philip Dogbey, popularly known as Prof, news of the passing of Samuel Numah of the Ghanaian Times, hits us.

For us at The Herald, it was a double tragedy; last week was a week, we will pray to forget soon.

Death as they say is a necessary end awaiting every soul, but how soon and the way we will go is what we all pray that, it should be peaceful.

Our condolences go to the family of Samuel Nuamah and his employers, we pray that the good Lord, will give them the strength to go through this difficult moment.

Messages of condolences have been pouring in from everywhere, including political parties and politicians, as we all know in this country, we all expresses concern when tragedy happen, we make promises to come to the aid of the family, only to abandon the promises, when the funeral is done.

Samuel Nuamah’s death, must mark a departure from that attitude, his family must be made to understand that, their husband, son, father and brother died when he was serving this country and that the country is ready to pay its dues.

Allegations of negligence on the part of some people is flying around, with others pointing ACCUSING fingers, we think, this is not the time for any witch hunting, based on emotions and hatred for each other.

The more all the unnecessary accusations fly around, the more the family of Samuel Nuamah is left in pain.

We should all cease fire and allow the Police investigate the circumstances that led to the accident. We are making the work of the Security
services difficult with our own version of what really happened and who should be blamed for the unfortunate accident.

Journalists must all rise in solidarity of our colleagues, who were involved in the accident last Thursday, we should insist and keep an eye on the officialdom to make sure that, every single one of them is well taken care of.

We wish all those recuperating the best of luck, it is our fervent hope and prayer that, the good Lord will heal them soon to continue serving mother Ghana.

Maybe it is about time journalists, who cover our Presidents are given conditions of service, because they risk everything to do that, they are called upon anytime of the day and travel at a high speed, putting their lives in danger.

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