We Must Protect The Diginity Of Ghanaian Workers


These days, it is not uncommon to hear of expatriate bosses maltreating their Ghanaian workers; some are made to go through inhumane treatment just to earn a living.

These unfortunate stories we are supposed to read as happening to Ghanaians outside Ghana, but not in their own country.

When a person of colour is maltreated elsewhere or suffers some form of racial abuse, you will have people mass up in the streets to protest against the treatment.

Sometimes, it is unfortunate to imagine that, we hurt each other to the extent that, when a brother or sister is reduced to the level of an animal, we all sit aloof and no one raises a voice.

If it was something to do with politics, press conferences, upon press conferences, will be organized to counter each other.

Our politicians and political parties must not only be interested in power, which they have shown over the years that, they only want to further their greed.

If not why should it be that, our leaders are the least concern about what is happening to Ghanaian workers, who are working under expatriates.

The fact that we are hospitable people, doesn’t make us fools, our generosity and hospitable nature must not be equated to mean weakness.

This can only happen in Ghana, our neighbors in Ivory Coast, will not entertain such treatment meted out to its citizens

What crime could warrant anybody, asking a fellow human being to drink human excreta?

Demands for better living conditions and respect for occupational safety and health measures have often been met by these foreign employers with scorn and disdain.

This is a country govern by rule of law, both the employer and the employee, have certain rights and those rights must be respected by both parties, at all times.

The National Labour Commission (NLC), as well as organized labour, must make an effort to protect the dignity of Ghanaian workers.

We are hungry, doesn’t mean, we must be treated like animals. Enough of the maltreatments suffered under these foreign firms and their owners.

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