We Must Not Give Up On The Takoradi Kidnapped Girls


The rescue by the Ghana Police of two kidnapped Canadian ladies, has once again brought to the fore the story of the three abducted Takoradi girls.

Priscilla Bentum, Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie and Ruth Love Quayson, were abducted between August and December 2018. The initial lethargic government response to the incident left much to be desired

The kidnapping of the two Canadians was shameful act that put Ghana in the world map for the wrong reason, for never had it been reported that two foreigners were abducted before.

It was an event that is going to affect Ghana’s quest not only at attracting investors, but tourists.

Whilst at it, we must not forget that, our own citizens have gone missing for more than seven months now.

Although the two incidences, do not have similar characteristics, the information available to the public indicates that, one of the kidnappers was arrested and it was he, who assisted the Police in locating and rescuing the ladies.

In the case of the Takoradi girls, Samuel Udoetuk Wills, 28, was arrested in December 2018, but escaped for eight days and was re-arrested. The police in that region, had no shame in telling Ghanaians, especially the families of the victims that, the suspect, is not talking.

How the suspect managed to escape lawful custody and whether or not the Officer, who assisted him, has been punished, is still not known.

It has been more than six months that the families of these three girls, have been going through the trauma of just imagining what could be happening to their children.

As a newspaper, we do not wish to apportion blame, as that will not bring back the girls nor assuage the pain of their families, but we urge the government to rededicate itself to the effort to find the girls and finally bring to a closure this sad incident.

It is also necessary for the administration to critically examine this whole kidnapping issue, which is slowly but steadily creeping into our society and seek ways of finding a permanent solution once and for all, for it appears that some undesirable elements, want to turn it into a franchise.




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