We Met In 1995 When We Were 10 And 11 Years Old…


Mosunmola Bello & Bello Mohammed Sha’aba Lafiagi have a lot more in common than a shared name and secondary school – a love for intellect, food, travel and laughter bonded this couple years after they crossed each other’s paths on Facebook.

How We Met
by the bride, Mosun

Bello and I met in 1995 when we were 10 and 11 years old at secondary school – Adesoye College. I promise there was NOTHING, so sorry it wasn’t a 19 year relationship. We were friendly, not greatest friends or anything. He confessed when we started talking again that he had a crush on me…obvie! HAHAHA.

He moved to London & Newcastle, I move to Ontario, Canada (I left right before WAEC, etc. thank God). Life went on, didn’t really keep in touch with too many people, Canada was too remote I thought so I just figured i would be able to go visit people and they would be able to come see me either. So time passed, fast forward to January 2011. I saw a pic of him on FB…he was at a dinner table with a lush grey tweed jacket and red stripes looking all dapper and gentlemanly and I “Liked” the picture. And that’s all I did o…he’s now claiming I was toasting him lol.

So we started sending messages on FB literally per second. Then we graduated to Skype and FaceTime…God bless high speed internet lol. He was working on a thesis so I helped with that. So basically we bonded over fashion, food and intellect (he’s an ICT entrepreneur, very creative and hyper-intelligent)…which is basically what we still thrive on.

All this time we were still friends, not really on about dating, minimal flirting I suppose, so imagine my surprise when I went to Philly for a few days in August and cuz I didn’t tell him, he basically stalked and contacted everyone whose name I had ever mentioned via FB looking for me…chill bro! Sha, he finally found me, did one nonsense pretend vex, sent me a rap song, told me he’s a Bello and I’m a Bello so basically God wants me to be with him…Holy toasting (pun intended).

4 months later we were in the same place for the first time since we were official 4 months prior and 11 years since Adesoye. I couldn’t even look at him lol. I’m a sucker, he rescinded my gangster card lol. I stayed in Nigeria from January – June 2012 cuz I got a sweet internship so that was great, so we decided to give it a chance.

I was MISERABLE in Toronto at my cushy bank job and obvie cuz my boo was super far away and Etisalat & MTN are b**tards lol. So I found a job and came back.

So across spatial distance in all its ramifications, devilish internet when he moved back to Naij, existential questions about our paths in life, etc etc, my parents questioning my sanity lol, I came home (in many ways that one) and here we are.

The Proposal
At his core, Bello doesn’t like to a fuss or a big do at all. He likes to keep it simple and would rather wax lyrical, straight from the heart. Which is exactly what he did. But NOT before throwing me completely for a loop by staging a fight and making up a really bogus lie…basically mind games (can’t believe I fell for either lol)!!

So we had just come back from a very well deserved break in UAE. We hung out with family, ate everything we could find everywhere from Burj Al-Arab to Hakasan to street falafel. Had such an awesome time with family. Took in the sites, basically all the makings of a wonderful backdrop and context for proposal. But he doesn’t like anything expected which is why he didn’t propose…not even when we had THE best views for NYE fireworks in downtown Dubai and the most delicious Arabic bubbly with chocolate truffles (we love good food lol). And he really threw me off when he decided to have a big fight with me about why I insisted on giving him ideas about what ring I wanted claiming that I “robbed” him of the experience. He wanted a marquise cut (gorgeous but too simple for me) and I wanted something TOTALLY unconventional…doesn’t even have a name lol.

So we came back to Lagos, and it was time for our awesome friends Folake and Tunde to get married. So Thursday was their engagement, Friday off, then Saturday reception. On Thursday as we were getting ready, I heard him conferring with Tunde and the fellas and I was all excited…only for them to be in deep convos about Chelsea v. Arsenal Oh I forgot to tell you, the night before the engagement, he created some great big fight again and basically ran out the door saying, anyway he didn’t have any ring money cuz I shopped too much so his MOM will have to add money… LOOOK I had to hold myself and pray for Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna & Buddha to help me not stab him lol.

So on Friday, he was all over the place, telling me we had reservations for dinner at Four Points (which is where it basically all started, our first meal together actually), blah blah blah…me I was still thinking about the momsi comment and seething!! So basically we went to dinner, it was awesome. We talked about the goals for the year, our plans for each other and empire building… Apparently he was tryna set my mind up, I was going on about work, etc etc. I guess when I was rambling and he couldn’t get a word in, he just went down on his knee… I’m like “Seriously??” He’s going on about life, picking someone, our relationship…waxing lyrical in his most polished English accent and calm eyes (I’m a sucker for that lol). And I was super happy that he chose the ring that I chose in the end!!! YAY!!!

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