We Have To Be Sensitive To The Family Of Captain Maxwell Mahama

We Have To Be Sensitive To The Family Of Captain Maxwell Mahama


The quest to replace established institutions, in the administration of criminal justice, for any reason, is a misplaced anger.

There is a reason our constitution and other extant laws of the land guarantee the rights of even an accused person. It empowered only one body – the courts – to take away those rights strictly under thorough and well defined procedures.

Not too long ago in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region, a young lady suspected to have stolen in a market was stripped naked and the photos and video went viral.

The question we all failed to ask was, who will be next?

Today, it is Captain Maxwell Mahama, who is it going to be tomorrow?

Citizen journalism is without boundaries and ethics, so gleefully we try to outdo each other, as to who will be the first to break the bad and sad news with pictures.

We do these without thinking about the trauma the families of the victim, could go through.

The wife of Captain Maxwell Mahama, will be destroyed forever, not because her husband was gruesomely murdered, but the photos and video of his lifeless body is being shared on social media with impunity.

When did we as a people lost our sense of sympathy and empathy; we are now in a competition for who will break the news first.

The dead deserve some dignity, more especially when they are naked, no one, knows how he or she is going to die, a culprit today sharing videos and photos, can be a victim tomorrow.

For us at The Herald, this is a serious issue that should attract the attention of the security agencies, because we are all at the mercy of these citizen journalists in our hour or moment of need.