We Do Not Have Laws In Ghana But Advice


The recent spates of accidents on our roads, which are avoidable, only if we apply little common sense, have exposed our lack of enforceability of laws on our statute books.

This country, has one of the finest laws in the world, yet it is one of the lawless countries you can find, we never obey any law, unless they is a whip on us or someone is placed to ensure that, we follow simple and basic rules, including traffic regulations. In Ghana every driver or car, has the right of way, if only you can bulldoze your way.

We have too many misfits sitting behind the steering wheels, it is sad that trucks which are supposed to be controlled by humans, get to control the humans instead.

Granting license to anybody who applies and going ahead to put him behind the wheels of a truck or a bus, is akin to putting an atomic bomb in the hands of an overzealous terrorist, he does not think about the consequences that would arise out of using it.

We sometimes refer to the big trucks as Lion on the road, giving them some power on the road, so they drive recklessly.

All one needs to drive is brains and not strength. Why is it that women are better drivers than men and so they seldom get accidents, it is because they are more careful.

The country presently is pretending to mourn another avoidable accident, which claimed over 70 lives, we will discuss it in the media, it will dominate the front pages, until another news cycle comes and then we will all forget and go back to sleep.

As usual, politicians have started trading accusations; we no longer have value for human life, an unfortunate accident that has claimed human lives, with families and the nation mourning, we have turned that too into politics.

We must learn to separate politics from emotional issues.

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), must intensify it road safety campaign, some people just don’t get it right the first time.

Every driver is thought to check certain things in the morning before starting the car, but it seems most of us, are only interested in driving.

We at The Herald thinks that, a physically challenged man with brains will drive safer than a strong man without brains.

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