We Didn’t Err Appointing Dr. Arhin To Election C’ttee – NSS


The Executive Director of the National Service Secretariat (NSS), Dr. Michael Kpessa Whyte, has defended the initial selection of Dr. Karl Marx Arhin as the representative of the NSS on the National Election Steering Committee, saying nothing bars him as a citizen from holding that position even though he is a card bearing member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC.)

The EC has come under intense pressure from opposition groups for the appointment of Dr. Arhin, a known NDC member unto the committee whose composition is expected to be neutral.

These calls have resulted in the withdrawal of Dr. Aarhin. a Deputy Director of International Affairs of the NDC from the Committee. But speaking to Citi News, Dr. Kpessa Whyte said his outfit did not err in appointing him because his competence was considered above every other factor.
Arhin’s appointment not wrong

He argued that there was nothing wrong with Dr. Arhin’s appointment because “he is first and foremost a Ghanaian citizen and as a citizen, he has certain obligations to discharge for the proper functioning of the state.”

“…Therefore given the opportunity, he is expected to discharge whatever responsibility assigned to him as a citizen and it is only after that, that other things matter. This whole thing about the appointment of Dr. Arhin and party affiliation is a clear case of misplaced priority, and I’m so surprised the way we are going about it in this country,” Dr. Whyte said.

He also argued that “in any case, that committee is made up of 18-members who have one vote each. What wins political parties election in this country and other countries, are credible alternatives demonstrated persuasively and convincingly to the people.”

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