We Concur With World Wide Web Findings


A global ranking on public access to official data, has ranked Ghana as the third most transparent country in Africa, The ranking was released on Tuesday, January 20 by World Wide Web Foundation.

This goes to confirm a view we have held all these while that, this government is the more transparent in our recent past. The government has been accused of indulging in corruption; because of the high incidence of corruption cases that makes headlines almost every day.

The truth of the matter is that it is not as though corruption is pervasive in this administration; it is that the President, John Dramani Mahama, does not condone the act, and will cause to be published or investigated anybody who is found to have misappropriated or stolen state funds.

We all watched the sittings of the Justice Dzamefe Commission, investigating the Senior National Team’s abysmal performance at the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Ministers and personalities, who are close to the President, were not spared. Even though the Commission’s work could go against the government, the President, who believes in the rule of law, did not hesitate to ask that the sittings of the Commission be telecast live for Ghanaians to see.

The recent payroll brouhaha, based on the findings of the KPMG, was at the instance of the President. If he condones corruption, we would not think and hear alleged corrupt acts in the media, all we would have seen will be window dressing of the corrupt acts..

We agree more with the findings of the World Wide Web Foundation that Ghana is among the most transparent nations in the world.

We should as Ghanaians appreciate the effort of the President and his government, we should commend them for not sweeping the alleged acts of corruption under the

If we cannot praise them, we should at least agree with the findings of the international reputable organization.

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