We Commend The ECG For The Timely Release Of The Time Table But…


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), has finally released the timetable for the Load Shedding exercise, although it was long in coming, but as we say, better late than never.

We will like to commend the Management of ECG, for listening to the cries and for acting with dispatch to address the concerns that many people have raised.

Lights go off without any prior warning or notice and are having serious impact on businesses and households, who have little time to plan or adjust to the situation because they were not given prior notice.

Electricity is one of the most important vehicles we need, if we ever want to achieve the dream of creating an industrial hub. And want to move from a consummation nation to a production nation, we need to ensure that our industries get the much needed power to drive the manufacturing sector.

Our issue, however, is that once the timetable has been released, they should ensure that they adhere strictly to it and stops the little variations to the timetable that they themselves have put out.

We have also notice one disturbing trend with the way and manner the Load Shedding, is being managed, and is the level of discrimination going on. Some areas or communities are given preferential treatment.

You leave in an area, where your side is always off, at least according to the timeline giving by the ECG, just across the street or opposite where you live, always has light, your area goes off, even when you are not suppose to go off. So, in effect your area is shortchanged for another place.

What you hear people say is that a certain big man or a Management member of ECG, lives there.

We must hasten to add that they is no scientific basis to this conclusion, it is based on observation and reports we receive on daily basis.

It is our hope that should ECG decide to vary the timetable because of emergency situations and the breakdown of machines, they will keep consumers inform.

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