We Commend NCA For Cracking The Whip


When President Barrack Obama, came to Ghana and admonished us that, what we needed was strong institutions, we hailed him and we were quick to quote him, but what we failed to ask him was, who will build these strong institution?

What we need to build or establish an institution is the laws that governs and details it operation, which we have in abundance, but what we need is the people to implement it to the fullest extent the functions of the institution.

The National Communications Authority (NCA), is one of such institution, with so much powers, yet still for years, the Authority has failed to achieve much, because of the luck of effective leadership.

We woke up on Wednesday, with one of the best news of 2016. Nine unauthorized television stations operating in the country were closed down.

Some will say it is long overdue, but we at The Herald, thinks, there was no better time than now, when the country is going digital.

This action by the NCA, is a wakeup call to state institutions, which have been sleeping to wake up and start doing what they are paid to do.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry, who has some resources, without the requisite clearance and approval, also will start transmitting from his or her bedroom.

It is no wonder content on our TV stations keep falling by the day, soap operas, have taken over television stations, from morning to the evening and from Monday to Sunday, there is one soap opera or another on all the various TV stations.

The pathetic part is the voice overs, whiles they speak in Spanish mostly; we struggle to mimic what they are saying.

Gone are the days, when we had fewer TV stations, with contents that can rival any TV station in any part of the world, today there is nothing good to write home about.

Charlatans parading as Pastors and Mallams, now parade themselves and compete for space and attention promising all kinds of miracles on both TV and radio and nobody seems to care.

We commend the NCA, led by William Tevi, for taking this bold, but difficult decision, Ghanaians are behind you all the way, crack the whip when you have to.

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