We Are Over Flogging A Dead Horse And Being Hypocritical


Before the Constitution and before all the noise about democracy, we have traditions, cultures, which to a large extent, defines who we are as a people.

Giving and taking gifts are part of who we are; it defines us and shapes us. In times past, when Chiefs were revered and are the source of power and authority, when one is summoned to the Chief’s palace, the person does not go there empty handed. This practice even pertains today, does it mean our Chiefs are impartial?

Some people are being hypocritical and burying their heads in the sand, because they stand to gain politically in the Ford Expedition saga, a gift a Burkina national gave to the President.

Opposition leaders ride in expensive and latest models of cars, cars we all know are gifts, do we demand that, they step down as flagbearers or opposition leaders?

If it was appropriate for them to accept gifts in opposition, what is the guarantee that, they will not accept gifts, when they get into power?

Any gift an opposition leader receives is an insurance for tomorrow and so even before the person gets elected, he is already compromised or has so much debts to pay.

We have all at one time in our lives received gifts; we have equally given gifts, without expecting anything in return, not every gifts is meant to be paid back.

As the scripture says, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone, we at The Herald asks, he who has not received gift before, let him be the first to condemn the President.

We have better use of our time and resources, this issue is not one that, should engage our time and attention, as all of us are guilty of it, not because we want or demand for it, but by reason of who we are.

We cannot cheapen our presidency to the extent that our President can be bought with a car, when he has the power and the resources to do as he pleases and buy as he wishes.

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