We Are Not Waiting For 2nd Round Or Runoff-PNC Fumes


The People National Convention (PNC) has rubbished claims that smaller parties don’t exist because of winning majority of national votes, but are there just for second round or runoff elections.

The PNC founded by the Late Ghanaian President, Dr. Hilla Limann, is described as one of the smaller parties, which has not been able to win power for decades now.

According to the party, it will be erroneous for anyone to create that impression because over the years, the party has shown enough commitment in every general election that it is ready to form the next government, provided the electorates give them the chance.

This was contained in a statement issued by the party’s National Treasure, Akane Adams.

Below is the full statement by the PNC

It has come to our notice that, a certain erroneous perception is been peddled around that some political parties in the past and in recent times are good for nothing and are only waiting for the event of a runoff to add up their numbers to their rival parties in exchange for favors. This in our view is in bad taste and a form of public disinformation calculated to tarnish the hard earned reputations of some parties in order to derail their efforts, achievements and contributions towards improving our democratic processes and our multi-party crusade under our forth republican constitution to ensure multiplicity of political parties and equal participation in our political system and governance processes.

We in the Peoples’ National Convention – PNC have no single doubt that we are committed, dedicated, resilient and ready to meet all our rival parties in the battle field ahead of the 2016 polls for a friendly fight. Per our tradition and history, we have since demonstrated in the past that given the chance we can be united, formidable and achieve greatness and success in free and transparent environment despite all the setbacks. The late President Dr. Hilla Liman under the PNP administration (1979-1981) who also doubles as the founder of PNC came into office as president with clean hands and left the seat of government with no single plot of land in any part of Ghana. Dr. Hilla Liman was able to win many well meaning investors into the country after he took over a poor performing military economy. This serves as an inspiration and an accolade to Hilla Limans’ dreams, vision and values. This and among other reasons makes the PNC a watch out enterprise which is willing and ready to assume the seat of government any time any day especially as we marches into the 2016 general elections.

The Peoples National Convention – PNC have had at least six (6) members of parliament under our forth republic. This was not achieved through mediocre, lackadaisical and show of fear towards our work as it took men and women, many toils day and night with selfless dedication and sweat to accomplish the desired goals. This is no mean achievement to over look and as such, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to be described as surrogates, sidekicks and tools of self destruction and good for nothing but party only waiting for runoffs. We must state with emphasis that the PNC is not waiting for either runoff or 2nd round in exchange for any favors; rather, we are committed to winning the upcoming 2016 general elections after haven toured many parts of the country in the past months with a refreshing and a positive feedback from the grassroots yearning for NEW BIGINNINGS.

The PNC is therefore appealing on well-meaning Ghanaians to come on board with support towards the party 2016 campaign. We are open up for donations both in cash and in kind to help support our 2016 campaign agenda and slogan of NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW DEAL AND a NEW FORCE. We are therefore calling on people to come on board now with donations and support to help the course and not to wait till the event of a 2nd round or runoff before bringing us support. The upcoming 2016 elections are too close to call and any attempt to predict the outcome will be a recipe for self tickling and laughing at the same time as we do not believe in the politically influenced polls ongoing and as such, we are of the view that all parties going into the 2016 elections have zero votes until the final results are declared by the Electoral Commission.

The recent shocking political decision in the United Kingdom that saw majority of their people voting to exit Britain from the European Union was a clear indication of the power contained in the voices of the people which indeed went contrary to the earlier supposed independent polls that were conducted prior to the elections in Britain.

The PNC is therefore with the strong convictions and hopes of improving the party’s chances and opportunities as we head into the 2016 general elections and all hands are invited on deck for a NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW DEAL and a NEW FORCE for a better transformation and reformation agenda.


Akane Adams
PNC National Treasurer.

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