“We All Do Very Silly Things In The Name of Love” –Gifty Anti


Award winning Broadcast Journalist Gifty Anti has pleaded with Ghanaians not to judge any of the female victims involved in the numerous sex tapes and nude pictures flowing on various social media platforms in the past few weeks.

Gifty who is a strong advocate for women empowerment and a philanthropist said most of the ladies involved did what they did in the name of love and the trust they had for the men. The former GTV News Anchor said we shouldn’t treat the ladies as though they are bad girls because they are all good and responsible ladies who took the wrong decisions at the time out of excitement, adventure or trusting the wrong person.

She revealed on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” that she has had the opportunity to speak to some of the girls and even met some in person and it appears they all did what they did or allowed themselves to be filmed while having sex in the name of love.

“Everybody makes mistake and we all do very silly things in the name of love but it is about time both men and women would sit down and think about whatever we do and we should ask ourselves is it worth it, is it important before we take any action”.

Even though she refused to reveal the identity of the particular ladies she has spoken to, she told Kwasi Aboagye, host of the program that she has spoken to at least three of the girls and they all confessed that they did it for love. Adding that one of them was a virgin and her virginity was broken through this act because the man promised to marry her.

“The Stand Point” hostess said all the ladies are devastated to the extent that some of them wanted to commit suicide. She said they have all regretted their actions so much because they never thought this would happen to them for the world to see their nakedness.
“They are going through a lot they have regretted they never dreamt that these would ever come out”.

She implored that instead of victimizing the ladies and being judgmental, we should rather learn some lessons from this and advise ourselves because this can happen to any of us.

“We all have to learn something from this as a people because when we lose our phones or when our phones are damaged we send it for repairs and things we have on our phones including secret conversations, nude pictures, video and personal things when people get it, they can use it against us”.

Speaking about a campaign she is embarking on to support young ladies and empower them, Gifty said sadly in our society if a man commits adultery it is gloried but if woman does the same thing she is chastised.

“So the campaign is basically to let the young women understand that we need to know our self-worth because if a man loves you and he wants to marry you, it is not your nude picture that would make him marry you. That is not what makes a man marry a woman or love a woman. We need to let the young ladies know that mistakes are bound to happen but we cannot allow the young once to repeat their mistakes and the mistakes of the current generation”.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana

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