Ways To Feel Better At Work


The week has began, sitting behind your monitor all day is not healthy. Try some of these techniques during your stressful week to keep you healthy

1. Tune out travel tension
If you take long trips to work, your risks of high blood pressure and weight gain rise. Combat the white knuckles of traffic delays by listening to audio books or music you find relaxing.

2. Exercise
Find time and exercise at least twice weekly. According to Swedish study, it boosts worker’s efficiency enough for the rest of the week to compensate for any lost desk time.

3. Pause for a real meal
A nutritious lunch brightens your mood and helps you make better decisions.

4. Take a one hour vacation…
…from your e-mails. If your boss allows it, the mini break may help you concentrate and feel relaxed.

5. Ward off posture pain
Each hour, turn your head from side to side, then drop your chin and move your head back to stretch your neck; squeeze your shoulder blades together to open your chest. Reach up with one arm, then the other, then both. Walk around every hour or so, and stimulate your lower back by squeezing your butt muscles.

6. Instead of taking a snack, take a fifteen minute stroll.

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