Water Pollution-Blame Sea Crew


Water is very important to human life, it is also a basic necessity of life

Water can be used for domestic purposes like cooking, drinking bathing etc.

Water in terms of industry purposes can be used for, manufacturing, processing, diluting cooling, rafting, etc.

Aside all this purposes of water, it can essentially be used to power electricity.

Sea is the connected of salty water that covers over 70 percent of the earth’s surface, its moderates the earth’s climate and has important roles in the water cycle.

There are a lot of occurrences where our water bodies gets tainted by illegal miners, by using chemicals to fish and throwing of waste like plastics into the sea,

In many occasions, fishermen, people living around water bodies are liable to polluting the shores of the sea and killing of aquatics animals in the sea.

Yes! I will also blame the folks living along the coast because they keep excreting into the sea and throwing of huge trash into the sea causing a lot of harm to humanity and living organisms under the sea.

But, let me ask you this? Have you thought about the crews, boatman and sailors who transport goods from one country to the other by sea?  Let me say, there a lot of chemicals these crews work with in their ships, moreover there are times the sea conveys lots of trash from far in the sea to the edges of the sea.

These crew work with chemicals like metals, lead, pesticide and a lot more and most especially, they eat, drink, go to the lube, take their bath as well, mmmm, do you know how many ships sail and how many days it spends on the sea?

Ships exhaust also contains metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon which can be dangerous and cause serious side effect to humans, According to Ebenezer Ampa Sarpong, Director in charge of programming, planning and monitoring evaluation at the environmental protection Agency noted that, water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths daily in developing countries

In fact, these chemicals and waste materials can also be in the sea due the doings of the crew and seamen who work on the sea transporting goods from countries to countries, especially Accra Ghana.

These plastics bags and other materials from the ship, when they get into the sea, it can be pushed to the boundaries by the sea, causing more trash and chemicals in to sea which kills aquatics animals

Finally, all of these acts from humans close and far from the sea can cause a lot of damage to the water body causing more deaths of aquatic animals in the sea.



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