Water Crisis In The Northern Region


Most residents living in the Northern region of Ghana, have suffered over water crisis. For a very long time, residents have battled from not having frequent supply of water, they, therefore have stay up at odd hours to store water or pay huge sums of monies to get water.

According to the website of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Northern region, the water supply for Tamale and its environs is from Nawuni on the White Volta river (a construction established in 1972) and a Water Treatment Plant at Dalun. There are three (3) Water Treatment Plants that operates in the region:

Damango (not operational) – Dried source

Yendi – Source of raw water; River Daka and three mechanized boreholes

Dalun – Source of water; Nawuni, White Volta (Yapei)

Residents connected to the Dalun Water Treatment Plant, are most affected by the uneasy flow of water.

Mr Nii Abbey, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the GWCL for the Northern region, in an interview, explained that the demand for water for those connected to the Yapei Water Treatment Plant is more than the supply.

To enable customers to equally profit from the water supply, the water is being ‘ration’, he said. The plant  which is used for distribution, is small and inefficient to supply all their customers at the same time.

The residents connected to the Yapei Treatment Plant over the years, have registered their displeasure about the issue.

Mr Abane, a resident of the North Kanvilli area in an interview, said the fault is of no ones.

The plant from which we are supplied with water is not big enough to meet our daily demand.

Sometimes, I think they forget to meet their schedule, which causes some houses not to have water for some time, he said.

As an old man, Mr Abane says,

‘I spend most of my nights staying awake (usual times they have water flow because they are on a hill) to fill my reservoir’.

Another resident on the Tamale Teaching Hospital road, also shared the same sentiments.

Miss Mabel, outlined how unhappy she is about the water crisis in her area.

‘we can go days without water and most times when we finally have a little flow, we are either asleep or unaware to store some’.

According to Mabel, they sometimes have to buy water from a water tanker, which is very expensive.

To get enough water, Gh¢300 – Gh¢500 is spent to fill a ‘poly-tank’ depending on its size.

Water crisis in the northern region, though still a major issue, has improved over the years.

‘The only way to solve this pending issue is to have another or bigger plant that can be enough to provide the customers of the Ghana Water Company customers connected to the Yapei plant with an everyday flow of water’, Mr. Abbey said.


Awuni Precious

Student Journalist.

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