Water Aid Comes To The Aid Of People In The Upper East Region (Kassena-Nankane District ).


Water Aid is an international NGO founded in 1981 by the UK water industry dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene to the world’s poorest people. They pursue this vision by assessing, identifying and implementing resilient Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  (WASH) and services for communities.

Poor sanitation and hygiene along with dirty water is a killer. Nearly half a million babies die from diarrhoea related diseases in the first month of life each year because they are born into unhygienic conditions. These deaths are entirely preventable.

Personnel from Water Aid had the opportunity to speak to midwife Faustina Sedjoah who was working at Katiu hospital in the Kassena-Nankane community. She said that as a medical professional she felt that the lack of basic necessities such as clean water and toilet made it impossible for her to provide the quality of care she wanted for her clients. “It’s just not right that we should have to deal with such difficulties when the solution is simple, “She concluded.

Dr. Didier Oteng said the situation became more compounded when patients defecates on the grounds outside the ward. A lactating mother also expressed her displeasure at how she had her delivery at the hospital where there was no running water. “My mother-in-law had to go and queue for water in order for me to bath because I had no strength to do that on my own. ”

After listening to the complaints of people around that community, Water Aid was able to make clean pipe water available on tap 24hours a day. Flushing toilets for staff and patients and showers for new mothers. Indeed Water Aid have impressed and transformed lives in the Kassena-Nankane community.

Head of Quality at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ernest Asiedu commended Water Aid for their good works in improving the health facilities and providing good drinking water to the community. He also assured the people that policies had been put in place to address their challenges.

 GIJ Student, Akafari Theophilus


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