Watch These Things On The Spintex Road


It is only in Ghana that, we allow for things to get out of hand before we all start running around pretending to be doing something.

Every year, at this time, we know the rains will set in, every year at this time we sit unconcerned until we are caught unaware, before we all get to work or at least pretend to be working.

We could all have done a lot to ensure that, we do not go through this ritual that is becoming a business opportunity for others.

Most of our roads are confronted with pot-holes and are in deplorable state, we all know that once the rains set in, it will get worse.

Since the days of the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, he had tried with so many interventions to reduce traffic on the Spintex road. The road was expanded and traffic light positioned at vantage points to ease the long delays motorists go through on a daily basis.

The interventions seemed to have yielded some positive results, but there is still much to be done, because of the population density of the place as a result of the many buildings and estates along that stretch of the road.

For about two months now, the traffic has gotten worse, because after fixing a broken pipe, the place was left unattended to, and has made that particular spot unmotorable. Whoever fixed it, decided not to have the spot asphalted or tarred.

The spot is between flower pot and the Papaye junction, just in front of Setmat Computers. We do not know which department’s job it is to see to it that the place is fixed, except to say it is inconveniencing motorists.

After closing from work and feeling tired, the most annoying part of one’s journey home is to be caught in traffic, most especially when the traffic is caused by the inaction of somebody.

A rather small hole, had expanded and is eating away the road. Every car upon getting there, must slow down in order to maneuver its way.

We are appealing to the Ministry of Roads and Highways, Urban Roads Department or the Ghana Water Company Ltd, to please move to site to fix the mess, before things get out of hands. We count the car parts owners of vehicles need to buy, because of these inactions. The time is now, the rains have set in, we can save some money if we do it now, than later.

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