Was The Minority’s Press Conference On Free SHS Necessary?


No! It was not necessary, because although a well intended press conference, the timing and the issues raised, only goes to further the prejudiced mind, who thinks it was nothing but propaganda.

Our forebears, did not leave behind any money to do what we want, it is said that, where there is a will, there is a way.

The National Democratic Congress minority Members of Parliament on Monday held a press conference to praise the government for the free Senior High School (SHS) policy and raise certain critical issues they feel, should not be ignored, if the policy is to be sustained and successful.

Yesterday, the headlines of many newspapers predisposed to the governing New Patriotic Party and radio discussions, all painted a picture as though the opposition NDC is against the policy.

As we say in Ghana, Na Who Cause Am?

Over the weekend in the Northern regional capital, the NDC organized a unity walk, which attracted tens of thousands of their supporters and well-meaning Ghanaians, who have come to the conclusion that, they have been deceived into believing that, the NPP led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has the magic wand to wave their problems away, once voted into office.

I have mentioned somewhere and I will repeat it here for the benefit of my readers that, the minority is always in haste to press conferences to vent out one issue or another. They are countless media houses, both print and electronic, which shares in the ideology of the NDC. The minority should do well to engage them, give them documents, if they have any on issues of national concern and then come in later to reinforce the issue, when it is out in the public domain.

This way, when any rotten eggs are to be thrown, it will be on the faces of the media houses, while the minority feigns innocence. For now, it seems like they want to do everything by and for themselves, which has far reaching consequences on the party.

The former president and founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), sometime last year, admonished the party not to adopt the tactics of the New Patriotic Party. He told them that, the NPP, is like a snake, which had shed it skin over the years, and still remains the snake that, it is.

The NPP boasts of not having a propaganda wing, as the NDC, used to have, but the party is the master of propaganda. It can spin and turn issues on its head, just to create disaffection for the NDC in the minds of Ghanaians.

It is obvious from the actions of the minority that, they are yet to heed to the advice of President Rawlings, even after a humiliating electoral defeat in 2016. Going to the police station first, does not mean, you are innocent or right, the preponderance of evidence is what will determine your guilt or innocence.

The minority, started on a very good note, despite some initial challenges about who was the right person for minority leader. The issues they took on, including the Ken bond, were national in character and had civil society groups supporting their call for a bi-partisan probe. Petitioning the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America (USA), was a good call, but lately the press conferences are becoming one too many.

The minority needs a new paradigm, if they want Ghanaians to take them serious, as things stand now, what they say, will be treated with all the contempt it deserves.

The educational sector is arguably the biggest sector of the economy. Any political party that losses that critical sector, with all the numbers, will sure never to win elections in this country.

In the coming days, the government, will be restoring the teachers and nurses trainee allowance that was scrapped by the previous administration. The scrapping of the allowance was a good one, but then again the party failed to communicate its intention to Ghanaians and students who were beneficiary of the allowance.

The result of that lackluster attitude is what the party came away with after the 2016 elections.

Two things define every organization or leaders, timing and communication. You can get your timing right, but miss the communication or vice versa, so the desired effect of what you intended, can never be achieved.

The timing of the free SHS press conference was wrong, as well as the communication.

Some of the headlines of the NPP newspapers on Monday read “NDC Against Free SHS”, “Free SHS Dazes NDC”, these are not the kind of headlines the minority wants to be associated with.

It is befuddling how or what these newspapers understood the press conference addressed by the minority was expected to achieve.

Among the questions the minority leader, Haruna Iddrissu and Okudzeto Ablakwa, had to answer from radio stations were, whether any future NDC government, will cancel the policy.

The minority, just walked leisurely into the trap set by the New Patriotic Party, they should have waited for the government to officially launch the policy, before organizing the press conference.

Parents, guardians and students are excited about the policy, this is not the time to doubt the success or otherwise of the policy. If Cuba and Libya, with all the sanctions, could contemplate and go ahead to provide free education for its people, why not Ghana, with all the resources we are endowed with.

Maybe our problem is we are thinking too much.


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