Was The Electoral Commission Wrong In Changing Their Logo?


We are ending the week again with another needless discussion, this time and as expected until November 7, the Electoral Commission (EC) is the institution under the radar.

These days, never a week passes without Ghanaians engaging in unnecessary conversation about the EC. We have witnessed in quick succession demonstrations, upon demonstrations, all targeted at the EC.

The Commission on Wednesday, launched a new logo, to replace the old one they have used, since the institution was created. It is not strange and
out of place for organizations to engage in rebranding.

They are myriad of reasons for rebranding, but as usual until we could properly interrogate the commission for deciding to do what they did, especially at this crucial time, we are questioning the propriety of what they did.

How are we able to strengthen our state institutions, when all we do is find fault with every decision they take.

Political parties have an opportunity at Inter-party Advisory Committee (IPAC) to raise their concerns about any decision taking by the EC, yet they will still be the first to go to town, criticizing and inciting their followers against the Commission.

We need to give the people we entrust responsibility to, the benefit of the doubt. We have to support them in order for them to properly function and account to us.

We can criticize to help grow and improve, but not to destroy as is currently happening. We have questioned every decision the Commission, has taken since its establishment, when are we going to have the confidence and the trust that, every decision they take is in the interest of mother Ghana.

We are never re-inventing anything, anything we do, has been done before, so attempting to bring similar logos that are already being used elsewhere, does not help the debate.

The question most people are asking is why now, when the Commission has an election to organize, the question we at The Herald, also wants to ask is, if not now when?

No time is a better time and no time is a bad time for the Commission to do what it thinks is right.

Will the EC, be on the ballot paper as one of the political parties, when we go to the polls in November or how will changing of the logo, inure to the benefit of any political party or candidate?

The talking and complaints are too much.

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