Waist Trainers: Are These Necessary?


There are many myths perpetuated about the body positive message, which is promoting self-acceptance and self worth, whatever your size, sex, age and shape. Women across the country comes in different shapes and sizes, some are fat and others are slim or skinny but no matter the shape of the body tolook better than they are. they still seek different methods on which they can change the shape of their body and most of these are perpetuated by men. The men of this era want their women to look like models, having curves and big buttocks and they sometimes say it out loud so their women can hear and feel bad about the way they look. Women now do things to please others than themselves and they end up going through extreme measures to lose weight in order to satisfy and keep their men.

Someadoptthe drinking of certain solutions to lose weight, others exercisewhilesusing the waist trainers and others go to the extent of starving themselves to lose weight and manymore. But now the use of waist trainers is the trend. All women around the world have enthusiastically embrace the waist trainer as they make comments of it’s effectiveness in helping to shape the body in a fast rate as they train and dress with it to impress. Traditionally,  waist training referred to the use of steel to develop an exaggerated hourglass shape but now the introduction of these simple but effective tool has lessen the stress women have to go through to lose stomach fat.

However,as with any product, there are both benefits and risks as such a lot of medical communities stress on proper use for optimal results. Benefits worth mentioning include a thinner appearance, abdominal support and postural support. To ensure we do ourselves more good than harm, follow good waist training techniques and instructions that come specific to particular products. These innovations are meant to add to an improved appearance and not to replace or substitute all equally effective means. Be wise about integrating it positively into a daily routine and be transformed accordingly

These are the of someviewsof Ghanaians:

According to astudent named Michael, he prefers women who are extremely sexy with all the curves, big ass and flat tummy, that’s what attracts him to them. He’ll prefer buying a waist trainer and making his woman go through the stress of exercising to gain all these because he can’t leave nor talk of marrying a lady who is fat and shapeless. That scene instantly will kill his feels for her.

However, Edinam is also of the view that mostly, people wear it because they are not comfortable with the way they look. And they have the fear of losing their spouses because they don’t think they can match to the competition out there, so they will go through any lengths to prevent looking unattractive. The waist trainer may cause health problems such as intense pain in your lower abdomen as it exerts much pain, but surely they will get the results of losing their tummy fat to get the curves the desperately long  for.







































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