WAEC Crticised For Annual Exams Leakage.


By Bernard Quanson.

The Worldwide Leader of the Seventh Day Congregation of the Church of Theocracy, Apostle Kadmiel Agbalenyoh , has empathised with Senior High School (SHS) students ‘and their parents, who had their wards WASSCE results withheld or cancelled for alleged examination malpractices.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this newspaper in Accra on Exams leakage and malpractices, he called on the leadership of the West African Examination Centre (WAEC) to sit up, in order to save the situation from the bad image associated with exams leakage.

Apostle Agbalenyoh, noted that it was usually parents who pay school fees for their wards, so when papers or entire exams are cancelled or withheld, it is a big blow to parents and guardians.

He said, the leakage occurs at the basic school and SHS levels annually, but it is mind boggling because we are told that WAEC has a strong room where exam papers are kept for which no one can leak them out, but they always get leaked to students.

Apostle Agbalenyoh, stressed that any time there is exams leakage, the blame must be put on WAEC, because they are the only entity which has the legal right to set exams and get examiners to mark them and ensure that there are no exams leakages.

He continued that, the most painful aspect of the issue is that it is now due for the students who pass to apply to the universities so as some of the results are withheld how can they enter universities.

Apostle Agbalenyoh, asserted that it is clear that the corruption that has engulfed our society is very rife at WAEC and needs to be fought to stop the disgraceful act.

The Worldwide man of God stated that to control the situation, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, which facilitate exams malpractices must not be allowed in exams halls.

Apostle Agbalenyoh continued that as WAEC is an international entity, if these things do not stop, the image of the institution will continue to decline among comity of nations.

He advised the leadership of WAEC to sit up to fight against the canker, else they will lose respect before the comity of nations.

Touching on kidnapping in the country, the Apostle noted that, it is unfortunate that such a canker has been taking place in Ghana, but was quick to state that it is not proper to over criticise the police and other security agencies, who are working hard to aarrest the perpetrators and rescue perpetrators of the canker.

The Apostle explained that it is information that the police act upon to unravel crime, so instead of too much bashing of the police, the public should rather offer valuable information that can help the police to apprehend the kidnappers.

The Apostle emphasized that, if the public cooperates with the police, the nation will win the war against kidnapping.

He further averred that the daily news of killings and all sorts of crime in the news these days is too much, so as a society we should support the police and the government to overcome crime.

He called on the government to equip the police with the necessary logistics to fight crime.

The Apostle emphasized that it is dangerous to politicised crime, but as a nation we have to unite to fight crime as it happens any time and not just a particular Party’s regime.

He also noted that prayers to God to protect us should not be rooted out since our Maker is the most trusted protector and giver of life.

Picture….. Apostle KadmielAgbalenyoh , Worldwide leader of theSeventh day Congregation of Church of Theocracy.





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