Volta Police Head To Crash Anti-Oti Elements


The Police in the Volta Region, has declared its readiness to deal with anybody, who might want to foment trouble before, during and after the December 27 referendum for the creation of the Oti Region.

The referendum is seen as mere formality being stage-managed by the Akufo-Addo government as the outcome is already known.

The petition filed to the presidency by some residents of the Oti enclave for the creation of a new region out of the Volta Region, has been met with stiff resistance from many ‘Voltarians’ in the middle and southern belts.

Some chiefs and people from the Volta Region, have called to question the processes leading to the creation of the “Oti” Region, calling for fairer handling of the process.

Volta Regional Police Commander, DCOP Francis Doku, told a gathering of policemen and soldiers at the launch of the operation “Father Christmas” which is aimed at providing prime security and safety for Voltarians before, during and after the yuletide, that his men are equally ready for “Oti” detractors.

The Volta Regional Police commander, assured the public of their readiness to provide maximum protection in the forthcoming referendum in the Oti enclave.

“You and I know that very soon a referendum will be held to determine whether or not we should have a new region out of the existing Volta Region. We know we can count on our colleagues from the military to give us the necessary backing.”

“The task ahead is so high basically because we’re receiving threats from people who do not want the referendum to come on. But as we have vowed to ensure that there is peace and security, I know you will work with all your might, body and soul. When the history of Oti is written, you’ll forever be remembered,” DCOP Francis Ebenezer Doku told his men.


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