Virtual Classes Has Exposed Network Providers

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus Virus nicknamed Covid-19, which has necessitated the closure of schools from the basic to the tertiary level, has exposed mobile networks in the country, especially MTN.

What started in Wuhan China in December, as a domestic crisis has ballooned into a pandemic spreading to all the continents.

Sequel to the closure of schools, many educational institutions have decided to be innovative by continuing teaching and learning through the use of virtual classrooms, whilst schools and universities remain closed.

Sadly, network providers have made the situation worse by the unreliability of their service. Students are spending a lot of money to buy data they cannot use, not because they don’t want to but because internet is not stable.

Meanwhile, they are being charged for something they do not use.

MTN, before the outbreak, has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons, even the most loyal customers of MTN, will be hard put raising a voice in support of the network.

It is heart-rending, the way customers are being treated in the country. In this desperate times, the least anyone, will expect is to be frustrated after spending money to buy data.

Technology, has become even more essential as the world battles COVID-19 pandemic. Information flow must not be curtailed for whatever reason, the way to fight this global pandemic is not to deny people access to the internet, but if possible even reduce cost of data.

Without arguments, time has come to take some hard and fast decisions and the government has exactly done the needful.

This newspaper suggests that the National Communication Authourity (NCA), should not only be interested in shutting down radio stations, but must also pay a little attention to how the network providers are fleeing their customers.

The country seem beggarly in her approach to the quest for foreign investors, who give the erroneous impression that they are doing us a favour.

We urge policy makers to whip MTN and others in their mould into line.

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