Vintage Lawyer Yoni Kulendi Turns Preacherman


By Cecil Mensah

It was full of surprises at the Kingdom Mission Network International in Madina, a suburb of Accra last Sunday April 13, 2014 when astute lawyer, Mr Yoni Kulendi mounted the podium and preached to the congregation, amidst shouting preach on pastor!.

The Herald cannot readily report whether the preacher man has abandoned his prestigious profession as a lawyer for the work of God and winning souls for Christ.

Mr Yoni Kulendi, appeared in the church, together with his lovely wife, Emefa Kulendi.

The church service was part of the activities to climax the fifth anniversary celebrations of the church.

The anniversary was on the theme: ‘This God’ alerting Christians to depend on God not men in times of problems.

The lawyer preached to the church, as if he was an ordained preacher man to the admiration of the congregation.

His sermon was taken from Genesis chapter one (1), which talked about how God created heaven and earth, the sea, animals and everything within it.

He said God created us including Jesus, who said in the beginning was the word and the word was with God.

He said on this principles, he coined the Parent of Good God (PPG)” I can be an astute lawyer, but I carry myself as a commoner who walk in the
will of God, this makes me to understand who I am”.

The owner of Kolendi@law and who had his tutelage at the command of the twice defeated presidential candidate of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo said, people perceived him as overly knowledgeable, but he works in the dominion of God.

He later quoted Mark chapter 18, stating that heaven helps only those who help themselves.

He said very often, people go about accusing their family of bewitching them, when they themselves are not doing the right things.
He said people pray for job opportunities when the grace come upon them and they are employed, they end up using the working time for their
Christians activities and when they end up being fired they accuse certain family people for bewitching them.

He said, believers must learnt to be healthy servants and by learning to know that there is time for everything, so there is time to serve God and time to work.

He explained that people must learn to use their time appropriately and avoid misusing their time for things that are not necessary.

The ceremony was attended by Nii Amale Djama I, Chief of Teiman, and graced by Rev. Gideon Osei, the host Pastor of Kingdom Mission Network International.

Earlier, Rev Emmanuel Danquah, a visiting pastor from South Africa, said 2014 is the year of double portion, stating that the number five is the hand of God and fivefold Ministry means that the church will take over the city in the next five years to come.

He said, when it was prophesied that David would be king of Israel, he was only eleven years old.

He explained that when David set out to defeat Goliath, people did not believe he could achieve the feat, but did that by the grace of God.

But in the end, David triumph and ruled Israel successfully, so will be the history of this church, this same God of David will stretch his hands on the church.

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