Vincent Assafuah; How Not To Sound Stupid?

It is regrettable that, despite the progress we have made in education, we still move forward, looking backwards.

On Tuesday, Social media space in the country was awashed with Pictures of teachers writing exam questions on black boards.

Many people, have expressed not only anger, but disappointment at the development, describing it as regrettable.

However, Vincent Assafuah, the spokesperson for the education ministry, who by virtue of his position, and the facts and figures available to him, will not have any of his kids attend public basic school, had this to say, “Why the dramatization? Is it because teachers were getting some money from what was being paid earlier and now they don’t get? So they are angry? Writing on the board is not a new phenomenon, how did they write their class test. If that is the only way the poor can get education then so be it.

“Yesterday half of the money they needed to print the papers have been paid. We agree that payment delayed but it shouldn’t be a means of drama by our teachers, I frown at that and it is unacceptable, teachers dramatizing with the situation is uncalled for,” he said.

Having analysed what Mr Assafuah, said in the opinion of this newspaper, sound not only immensely insulting, but demoralizing to the teachers, who have always had to bare the blame for problems caused by people like him.

Already, the low standard of education in our public schools will continue to be a subject of debate among many well-meaning Ghanaians for the very good reason that education is the bedrock of any development-related ideas.

We are training our children to compete and think globally, if the foundation of that training is weak, we should expect that, in ten to twenty years, they will still remain hewers of wood and drawers of water for their counterpart.

A student is as good as the questions, he is asked in an exam, teachers by writing questions on the blackboard are constraint, not only by the number of questions, but also the type of questions they set.

This loose talk by a civil servant is not encouraging and he needs to retract and apologise to the teachers, since he has admitted that, half of the money they need to print the papers has been released, when examination has already started.

What will the schools be doing with the rest of the money, when they go on vacation?



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