Victoria Hammah Speaks Today


Unconfirmed report has it that ousted Deputy Communications Minister , Victoria Hammah, will make a short statement today to clear some of the many nagging questions concerning her alleged leaked tape, this paper has learnt.

Since news broke about her alleged tape last Thursday, followed by her sacking Friday morning, nothing has been heard from the young politician, but according to this paper’s sources within her family, Miss Hammah, barring any unforeseen circumstances, will speak today to straighten up things.

It is not clear if she will issue a statement or brief the press, but our sources indicated that she will seek to speak to the issues being raised in the media.

Meanwhile, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Okere in the Eastern Region, Daniel Kweku Botwe, has described as arrogant response by government, that it is not obliged to give any reason for the dismissal of the Deputy Communications Minister.

The two times General Secretary of the NPP, was speaking on Neat FM yesterday, questioning why government till date has refused to assign reason for relieving Ms Hammah of her post, hours after a secret tape was leaked to the media.

The MP who was also sacked by President Kufuor as Minister for Information, without explanation years ago, argued that for the sake of good governance, the government needs to come out as quickly as possible to give the exact reason why it sacked the embattled ex-Deputy Minister, to erase every doubt in the minds of Ghanaians.

Mr. Botwe, who as Information Minister at the time told Ghanaians “we don’t owe Ghanaians any explanation” for strangely ousting the then Speaker of Parliament, late Peter Ala Adjatey and replaced him with Ebenezer Sekyi Hughes, said that there could be only one reason for the President to have sacked the failed Ablekuma West MP aspirant.

“She has been sacked for what? Government can do normal reshuffle, but in this case everything point to the fact that she was sacked because of the tape. But what portion of the tape is government not happy about and which one is false to have warranted her sack? It is important government spokespersons come out to explain.

It will help her to learn something from her mistakes going forward and also it will help other Ministers to learn from her experience. Now what is it that they are going to pick up this issue?”

Asked if he was given any explanation when he was booted out of government by President Kufuor, the MP said, the two scenarios were different, claiming that his sack came up during the usual reshuffle, whiles Miss Hammah’s happened immediately a tape said to be her voice was leaked.

He said, the decision by government to sack the ex-Deputy Minister through the Minister for Information and Media Relations, Mahama Ayariga, with a one sentence statement did not represent “good governance”.

When he was prompted that the President has every right to hire and fire, the MP angrily said, “That is the most arrogant way of governance. The most arrogant way that has eating into our governance and Ghanaians have tolerated that is not helping us deepen our governance system.

It is the highest form of arrogance to say that the person who elected you, who pay you, pay for your water, fuel, then when you are the President or the Minister, acting on our behave you are telling me that they do not owe anybody an explanation?”.

He noted that he would be most surprised if his party the NPP aside petitioning the Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Woode sits aloof and watch the issue go unpunished.

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