Victoria Hamah Deserves A Second Chance


Let me begin this article from the end. I think the Deputy Minister of Communication, Madam Victoria Hammah, has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and her private conversation taken out of context.

Before you call me names and accuse of having a soft spot for the young lady, can you please answer this question. In your line of work, have you never confided in a friend, a relative or close associate? Have you never said negative or derogatory remarks about your boss or employer? We all do it and we all know it. we all gossip and that is what Vitoria Hammah did.

Like Jesus Christ said, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. There is so much hypocrisy in the system; it simply makes look less human than our counterpart in other parts of the world. We rejoice in the failure of one of us. We want to see people fall, so that we will sit back and say I told you so.

Today it is Victoria Hammah and we are grinning from ear to ear, and pretending to know more than her, in fact she is a reflection of who we are.

Nobody Is asking the questions that needed to be asked. Unfortunately, she is not the first person to have been a victim of a conversation gone bad and viral. We all trust people and we all talk. Most often the things we speak about is not intended to malign somebody, but to show that we
are in control or simply, we have clouds.

Victoria’s leaked tape is nothing but a case of what we call in Ghana, ‘flexing of muscle’.

We got what we wanted; the President has relieved Madam Victoria Hammah of her post as a Deputy Minister. Did this end justify our means?

Victoria Hammah simply makes news, if not what did she say on that tape that has not been said before and is not being said, except in her case, she was unfortunate.

Vicky is first of all a humanbeing, before she got appointed. I think ever since she was appointed into that portfolio, she has allowed her humanity to get the better part of her.

She is yet to come to the fact that she is no longer that Victoria Hammah, who less than a year or so ago, used to host a programme on TV. That transition is so difficult for her, perhaps like former President John Agyekum Kufuor said, if she can’t pinch herself and say hey, I am now a public figure, as Kufuor did about the issue of corruption.

Whoever did that to her, for whatever reason or motivation had destroyed the political future of the young lady and by extension the youth of this country. She was a budding talent, with so much prospect. From nowhere she surfaced, won the primaries and contested to go to parliament on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Her appointment drew so much attention and criticism against her good self and President John Dramani Mahama. After her nomination, she suddenly became a pop star, her pictures, took the center stage on many social media platforms, especially facebook. She had so many detractors and those who ridiculed her, because she was well endowed, as if it was a crime. in fact she was sacked by the public, before she even settled in her portfolio.

I had the cause to advice her before she appeared at the Vetting Committee that she should put her best foot forward.

She should make the youth of today proud, especially young women, who shy away from politics, because of the antagonism. I told her that as she embarks on this difficult and challenging task, a lot of people, will be watching not to see her succeed but to see her fail.

After she was sworn-in, the naysayers started watching her and setting traps for her, until she also gave in and got carried away, when a speech she edited was replaced. She blurted out publicly, condemning the official, who was having her speech. That blunder was enough for government to let the Deputy Minister go for orientation.

The opposition jumped on it and started tearing her apart; I thought that was enough lesson for her, but I was wrong. Vicky has once again made the headlines for the wrong reasons.

There is actually a thin line between a private and public life. Unfortunately for most of our leaders, they are yet to come to terms with that.

I have listened to the tape, and I daresay I was thrilled by the level of intelligence she displayed. The debate as to the propriety of what she said will go on for a very long time, but I take consolation in the fact that the future of this country is bright. I have absolute faith in the ability and the capacity of the youth of today. No matter what anybody says, I think Victoria deserve a second chance.

She might have goofed, but I wish we all pardon her, because in the nature of women, they talk too much, even when they are supposed to be listening.

To air is human, to forgive is divine. Did we in this instance forgive Vicky? I am not happy with the decision of the government to relieve her of her post. The decision was so sudden and has seemed to open a Pandora’s box, with so many unsubstantiated allegations being bundled around. Was she given the opportunity to explain herself? Is it an admission that what she was heard saying on the tape is true?

Enter the choir boy, the rustic Sir John and his fellow jesters in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), with their apostle of righteousness. Sir John is asking the Chief Justice, Theodora Georgina Wood to investigate the decision of the nine member panel of Supreme Court Justices, who heard the election petition case.

Did the rustic man listen to the same tape we all heard or he heard something else? I didn’t hear anywhere in that tape where Vicky said that the Judges were bribed. Sir John is a big excuse to the legal profession, how a lawyer could make such deductions agitate my curious mind.

I can be excuse if I say the Justices of the Highest Court of the land could be bribed, but you can’t pardon a lawyer, who is supposed to protect the integrity and sanctity of our legal system.

I guess this is a last minute tactics to woo delegates of his party to retain him as their General Secretary, but honestly speaking between Sir John and Victoria Hammah, who is intelligent?

This is what Vitoria Hammah said and I quote “Do you know the role Nana Oye Lithur played in the judgment petition”, and stupidly enough, we have lawyers twist this to mean, she said Oye bribed the Judges.

Oye Lithur is a lawyer, a Minister in the government whose legitimacy is being challenged, her husband Tony Lithur is the lawyer for the President, for goodness sake, are we suggesting that Oye Lithur, will not get herself involved? She won’t bring her expertise to help fight the case. All Victoria was saying is that Oye helped, period.

If I was Victoria, I will maintain the tradition of denial, it wasn’t me. If you are not liar as members of the NPP, just get some advice from Sammi Awuku, Anthony Abayirafa Karbo. The kettle now calling the pot black, this can only happen in politics.

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