USING GorselSMS – a one pager working document


The spread of mobile phones across the developing world has been extremely rapid in the past few years. In Ghana, over twenty 26 million mobile phone subscriptions exist currently- far exceeding the human population. Also, the Ghanaian at any given time, is most likely to be nearer a mobile phone than any other electronic gadget. It is, thus, true that the mobile phones represent the best and fastest mode to communicate with anyone these days.

Mobile phones come with many features. One feature that is changing the fundamental way of communication is text messaging. Typically, text messaging encourages briefer, more efficient exchanges of information, offers privacy (SMS conversations can’t be overhead) and is cheap.

Many industry groupings, professional unions and associations are leveraging on text messaging as the best way to reach their membership with personalised messages in real time. This is done through the Bulk SMS Service.
GorselSMS is a simple, cost-effective & affordable bulk SMS service that enables any information to be sent as text messages to thousands of people in less than 10seconds. GorselSMS is used by associations to send very customized alerts, notices, information, reminders to members on meetings, levies, dues, special events, etc.

We hereby propose you adopt GorselSMS as the best medium to reach your stakeholders. Specifically, we propose to:
Set up an account for your association at the cost of GH 80 cedis
Build the intial database of recipients for you for free
Award you 200 SMS credits

Adopting GorselSMS brings to your association many benefits including cost effectiveness, high reach,
High response rates

Use your Product / Brand Name as Sender ID.
Time Saving Communication
Most effective communication compared to phone call, email and fax. GorselSMS is a product of

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