Used & Dumped Nurses Sleep At Health Ministry Again


A group of nurses and other health professionals, who were used in anti-government demonstrations last year by the New Patriotic Party (NPP), have for the second time slept at the premises of the Health Ministry, as part of their continued struggle for immediate clearance and posting.

They were left at mercy of the cold weather and wild mosquitoes. Those afraid of contracting malaria, brought along insect repellents and mosquito nets.

It was a despicable sight to behold at the premises of the Health Ministry

Over 100 members of the group calling itself the Coalition of unposted Allied Health Professionals last Monday, vowed not to leave the Ministry premises until they are cleared on Friday as promised by the Deputy Minister of Health, Tina Mensah.

The feel used and dumped by the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo who during the 2016 campaign, visited most nursing training colleges in Ghana promising them jobs, postings and better conditions of service.

Speaking to Citi News, the General Secretary of the coalition said, “we are here tonight purposely for our financial clearance and we are not leaving, we are sleeping here because the Deputy Health Minister Mrs. Tina Mensah told us that they are working on our documents and it would be ready within the week, maybe latest by Friday and we taught it wise that Friday is just around the corner, we will wait till that time.”

The group picketed at the Ministry earlier on Monday after the ministry failed to honour its promise to clear them when they first picketed on May 8, 2017.

Some of the unposted health professionals, expressed their frustration at the manner in which their case is being handled.

“I want to know whether some of the citizens are important than others, why should they clear our colleagues without us. Most of us still dependant on our parents and it makes life difficult for us,” one of the aggrieved nurses added.

The President of the coalition, Solomon Yeboah, speaking to Citi News bitterly complained that “she [Tina Mensah] never contacted us. We rather contacted her trying to talk to her about our issue but whenever we call, the only thing she says is; give me an hour or 30 minutes.”

“Myself and with my executives, we even had to come to this place to meet her but we have not been allowed to see her. We were informed that all issues have been given to the Human Resources directorate so we shifted down to the HR’s office.”

According to Mr. Yeboah, the Human Resource department said, they just started to work on their issues, but the nurses pointed out the Minster, had already said she had started working on their issues.

“We have revived the picketing and this time round, we are here. We are not moving to any place, we are coming to do praise and worship over here… we are coming to help them to work. For the child which will not allow its mother to sleep will also not sleep.”


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