US$89 Million Boardroom Drama At NCA


Ministry Clashes With Sekyi-Addo’s Board, Massive Conflict Of Interests Revealed, Subah’s Invincible Arms Cited……   

The controversy surrounding the US$89 million contract between the government of Ghana and Kelni GVG, has taken a new turn with revelations that, the National Communication Authority (NCA) member board, Susan-Barbera Adjorkor Boye Kumapley, who tendered in her resignation, did not do so out of principle, but from conflict of interests.

Contrary to the claims of Franklin Cudjoe, that Susan-Barbera, was disgusted by the dubious nature of the US$89 million deal, hence resigned out of principle, The Herald’s insiders familiar with the issue, have revealed that she had been the lawyer for one of the interested parties; Subah Info Solutions owned by Joseph Siaw-Agyepong, owner of Zoomlion.

Ahead of her resignation, Adjorkor said to be the Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Practice Group at Bentsi-Enchill Letsa & Ankomah law firm, had a bitter clash with Communication Minister, Ursula Owusu Ekuful, over the latter’s decision to award the US$89 million contract to Kelni GVG.

The Herald is informed that, during the hot verbal exchange, Communications Minister, who obviously could no longer stomach Adjorkor’s naked hypocrisy, accused her of allowing her  private interest to cloud her judgment in supporting the US$89  million contract awarded to Kelni GVG.

Ursula Owusu Ekuful, told her to resign, if she won’t agree to the US$89 million contract to Kelni GVG.

Adjorkor, obviously embarrassed by the revelation, days later submitted her resignation letter to Board Chairman, Francis Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, and walked away.

Adjorkor, is on record to have acted as lawyer for Subah Info Solution and chased the NCA, demanding some payments owed Subah Info Solutions.

Amazingly, while Adjorkor is exiting the NCA over the discovery of her conflicting roles, her law firm, Bentsi-Enchill Letsa & Ankomah is currently the legal advisors to the NCA, with reports available to The Herald that Accra-based lawyer, Ace Anna Ankoma, has been seen in some NCA board meetings.

Joseph Siaw-Agyepong’s Subah Info Solutions in 2012, had acquired GVG’s interest forcing the company out of Ghana under some interesting note.

GVG is back through Kelni with superior technology to undo Subah Info Solutions; according to The Herald’s contacts, will accurately monitor the telecos and cream the needed revenue into state coffers.

Subah and Afriwave, The Herald learnt are reportedly using CDRS from the telcos, to monitor revenue flow, and this has led to the concealment of the information and also denial of the revenue.

Afriwave, has also been interested in the same contract, and in the past has been at the receiving end of the media cum political onslaught engineered by  Suba Info Solutions during the Mahama administration.

 Franklin Cudjoe, has played conflicting roles in the past. Onetime, he was on the side of the telcos fighting Subah Info Solutions.

At a later date, he joined forces with Subah Info Solutions to fight Afriwave, when the Mahama administration brought them in to also monitor the revenue flow, including the Talk Tax from the Telcos. 

It is not yet clear, on whose side Franklin Cudjoe and his IMANI are fighting presently, but the possibility exists that he could be fighting for Subah Info Soluations, which is angry it contract has been being snatched and the Telcos, which are afraid they are going to pay more revenue as a result of GVG’s presence.

Interestingly, the whole NCA board, is saddled with people with conflicting interests.

Onetime chief lobbyist for the telecommunication companies, Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, is the NCA Board Chairman, a position he assumed with the advent of the Akufo-Addo government.

The ace broadcaster, had resigned as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Telecoms Chamber, after six years in office.

He is also at the Flagstaff House serving as a Communication Consultant for President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Enter Paul Adom Otchere, another NCA board member,  is also the CEO of Ghana ICT Chamber; a lobby group for the internet service providers. Paul is also a staff of Metro TV owned by Joseph Siaw-Agyepong, owner of Zoomlion and Subah Info Solutions.

NCA, has regulatory role over Metro TV and other electronic media platforms across the country. 

Paul in 2015, took on the NCA over the award of the 4G LTE spectrum to MTN.

Leading Surfline Communications, Gold Key Telecoms and Blu Telecoms, Paul at a press conference by the ICT Chamber, claimed that the telecoms regulator’s stance relating to an auction of spectrum for the deployment of 4G internet capacity across the country was not in the national interest.

Enter Philip Asare Kwame Ayesu part owner of GHone TV.  He boasts of being serial entrepreneur with a rich marketing/communications background spanning over 20 years. His experience and functional expertise cuts across advertising, branding, entrepreneurship and business management.

He is a bosom friend of Ace Anna Ankoma, whose law firm provides legal services for the NCA.

Philip’s wealth of experience in business start-ups, strategy, business restructuring, branding and communication in the public and private sector shows in his involvement in building brands. These include UT Financial Services, Zenith Bank, Sikkens, Data Protection Agency, XMEN Ghana, Western Union among others.

Philip is presently the Chief Operating Officer of the Multiple Concepts Group (Multiple Concepts Advertising, Charterhouse Events, Charterhouse Direct, Media Edge GSm), a position he has held since 2002.  He is responsible for the general operations of the Group and leads the advertising and mobile content business.

Additionally, Philip was instrumental in setting up the second mobile content company in Ghana (MediaEgde Gsm). MCG also became the first Ghanaian owned communications company to set up offices in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

He had headed the Client Service and Sales department of the Multimedia Group, operators of Joy FM and sister brands between 1995 and 2002. He also helped set up Joy Marketing Services and the website, He as well serves on the following boards; Multiple Concepts Group, Verdant Zeal, Daddy Day Care and XMEN, a barbershop at East Legon.

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, has sent a skating write-up in response to Franklin Cudjoe President of IMANI Ghana, who has since called on her to step aside and allow investigations into the $89 million contract with Kelni GVG which will among other things deal with revenue losses and simbox fraud involving telcos.

Below is what the Communications Minister wrote.

The only can of worms is in your mind. Seek knowledge before you expose yourself as a hired assassin. You don’t know what You are talking about and if you had enquired before going off half cocked, you’d have been educated. Every step taken was with the full knowledge and collaboration of the finance minister and the evidence is there. Public procurement rules were followed to the letter. The evidence is there. The same process is being undertaken in Rwanda currently with the same telcos here, and the one network policy being undertaken by the Smart Africa Initiative member states is facilitated by this same technical partner you are busily vilifying ignorantly here. Imani has not spoken to the MTN CEO on this Kelni GVG transaction yet Franklin Cudjoe quotes him on air as being opposed to this transaction. Who are you working for?? Everything digital falls under the purview of the Ministry of Communications including digital financial services. We work closely with all agencies to facilitate their work. We have a legal duty to setup a common platform to monitor all taxes and levies due to the state in conjunction with the minister for finance and will continue to do just that.

Website??? Come on. Is that a determinant of the competence of any organisation? Stop clutching at straws. Even nation states may not have any websites and that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Clearinghouse functions of GHIPPS is totally different from visibility of on net transactions which are completed internally. More ignorance being exhibited here. The ‘I’ in GHIPPS means interbank!!! It Refers to transactions between 2 or more entities. That’s where they come in. If it’s a totally internal transaction, it will be completed on their blind side. Our platform will monitor that. Considering the volume of on net transactions, I’m surprised you say its not necessary. Get real dude!! 2018 is not 2010 or 2014. Kelni is not Subah whose contract never went to the Central Tender Review Board. The facts and circumstances are very different so what kwaku Sakyi Addo said in 2014 is neither here nor there. He currently chairs the NCA board and knows exactly what is being supervised by his management who are the technical lead on this transaction. We don’t intend to have a public banter on this and if you really want to know the FACTS, COME TO THE MOC.

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