US Returnee Appeals To Minister To Check Illegal Connections At Mataheko


By Cecil Mensah

A returnee from the United States of America (USA), who lives in Ocean Fishing house at Mataheko, close to Peace Clinic in the Greater Accra Region, has accused his compatriots in the same house of tempering with the pre-paid meters, made available to them by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Mr. Nekai Nettey, has, therefore called on the managers of ECG and the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to take a critical look at the canker of illegal connections in the above mentioned area of Accra.

According to Mr. Nettey, he went out one day and on his way back, he realized someone was tempering with the household meter.

‘’I blew the alarm, over my family people tempering with the ECG meter, when I realized the pre- paid, had been running without credit”.

Narrating the incident to The Herald in interview, the returnee saidm, the following day he reported the credit theft to the Avenor branch of the ECG for the necessary action to be taken on the matter.

He said, after the branch manager listened to his case, he was directed to one of his workmen to readily work on the matter.

He noted that, the workman took his details and insisted that he would visit the area to ascertain the level of illegal connections being operated in the area.

He explained that, the next day, the workman of ECG, called and he gave him directions to the house and upon thorough inspection of the meters, it came to the fore that, the household has no pre-paid credit on the meter, but electricity was running in the house.

He contended that after all these, the official of ECG, failed to take action on the findings and the culprits are still engaging in the illegalities in the area to the amazement of many.

He alleged that, the manager of the Avenor branch of the ECG, and the workman, who was detailed to investigate the problem, have been compromised by some members of the household.

He, therefore called on the Minister to have the matter investigated to save the nation from the loses incurred as a result of the theft.

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