US-Iran tension has enormous effects on Africa – Security analyst


The possible clash between the governments of the United States of America and Iran may have a damning effect on African states in the coming days, if the two states fail to reach an agreement, a security analyst has said.

According to Adam Bonaa, the two countries can boast of some powerful military forces and weapons which currently pose a major threat to global security. Not to mention the crucial roles Iran plays in the oil industries of countries around the world.

He said African countries are heavily under-resourced in terms of military capabilities and would be detrimental to every citizen in the case where the two countries fail to reach a consensus.

“We have the U.S president throwing tantrums and already dropping bombs…and you know the spill over because we are seriously under malnourished…when it comes to material and human in terms of security. Look at the West coast of Africa, there is no protection. How many officers do we have? How many equipment do we have? Do we even have jet fighters?… In Ghana, I don’t want to go there,” he noted.

While further providing an elaboration of his point, Mr Bonaa emphasized that the probability of a spill over in an African country is high because most world powers see Africa as their experimental grounds.

“…They see this place to be an experimental ground and so what Trumps is doing, the effect is so enormous on all of us. You’ll never know when one crazy terrorist you find yourself with will throw a bomb…”

He cited the unfortunate demise of Professor Kofi Awoonor in Kenya as a typical example.

The simmering tension between the two countries sparked literal flames and took over world headlines after the President of the U.S, Donald Trump Jnr ordered the killing of an Iranian General – Qassem Soleimani – who signified the country’s Revolution.

Subsequent effects of the attack on Iran has seen tons of threats to world peace and safety, as well as, series of attacks. Already, crude oil prices increased after the attack globally and Iran has admitted to shooting down a Ukrainian jet which had 176 people on board, no survivors were recorded.

Meanwhile, both President Trump and Iranian leaders have indicated their willingness to end the hostilities.


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